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Review: Justice for the League

I’ve always been a fan of the DC Comics characters. Batman has always been my favorite superhero. Although there was a period when I was a small kid where Flash took that title. But I’ve done my best to consume every version of the Justice League wherever available. Comics. Animated Series. Games. Straight to video films. So the prospect of a Justice League live action film is something I’ve yearned for my entire life. After seeing the film, I have to say I’m much more satisfied than I expected to be going into the theatre.

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SDCC: Teen Titans Go! Panel

Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go! held a panel during this year’s San Diego Comic Con with Executive Producers Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath as well as cast members Scott Menville (Robin), Khary Payton (Cyborg) and Greg Cipes (Beast Boy). The panel began with the cast members singing songs from the show and went into discussion on upcoming episodes of the show.

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SDCC: Justice League Teases Lanterns and Penguins

At the Warner Brothers Panel for this Year’s San Diego Comic Con, wrapped up with their most anticipated projects, Justice League and Aquaman. The panel, moderated by Chris Hardwick, began with a sizzle real of footage followed by logo reveals for Shazam, Suicide Squad 2, The Batman, Justice League Dark, Batgirl, Green Lantern Corps, Flash (which then led to a Flashpoint logo) and Wonder Woman 2.

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DC’s Shazam Hits Theatres in 2019

Over the past few years DC comics has announced a slew of films that they’re going to be producing and releasing in the coming years. One of the projects that has received a lot of hype is a Shazam movie this is mostly due to the fact that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson began talks with DC over whether he wanted to play Shazam or his main antagonist Black Adam. When it was announced that The Rock would be starting as Black Adam, it was also announced that he would be getting his own film, following along with with the most recent interpretations of the character where he is more of an antihero then he is a flat out villain. Not much more development has been made or announced when to comes to the Shazam movie, until today.

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