Poor Man’s Spoiler was founded by Alex Lancaster. Alex has loved movies since he was a kid. At the age of 3, he decided he wanted to be a Disney animator. At the age of 10, he wanted to be a storyboard artist. At the age of 12, he decided he wanted to write and direct films. From that point on, he continued working on writing new stories and making small films with friends. In high school, Alex began diving into the world of film, becoming obsessed with sites like The Hollywood Reporter and Upcoming Movies. In college, Alex began following Collider and /Film regularly, to a point where his life-long love of watching movies and TV shows was matched with his love of film reporting. This led him to try his hand at film reporting himself.

In 2010, Alex began Poor Man’s Spoiler on a now defunct Blogger site. The name came from a variation on the term “poor man’s method” which means doing something in the cheapest (financially) way possible, while still trying to attain the same quality of product as something done with more money and/or resources. His hope was to create a site that would eventually be as respected as the sites he loved, even if he didn’t have a dime to put into the site.

As time went on, it became difficult to keep up with the site, and Alex took a few extended hiatuses from “reviewing and reporting.” After some failed attempts to start a film career, and the birth of his son, Alex began working to restart Poor Man’s Spoiler. In the summer of 2017, he made a big leap by rebooting the entire site to give himself a fresh start. He began with coverage of that year’s SDCC, after which he decided to expand the site in a new way.

In the fall of 2017, Alix Teague (nee Hatfield) joined the site as the Copy Editor. Alix has helped make sure that the preplanned articles for the site look and sound more credible than what Alex Lancaster’s brain spits out onto the keyboard. Shortly after that, Eric Brockett joined the site to write his “Bickering with Brockett” column. Eric has helped bring levity and a more distinct voice to the site overall through his column and other various pieces and reviews. Amanda Creech also joined the site in late 2017 as an additional Copy Editor and has helped make Alex and Eric seem much more intelligible than they are in real life.

For now our team is small, and we all have incredibly busy lives outside of the site. We do this because we love this industry, and we love talking about this industry. While we may not always get things out right away or have big exclusive pieces, we do our best to put all of our heart and soul into what we do here. We have a lot of plans for our future with a lot of really awesome goals to strive for. With hard work, persistence, and maybe a little luck, we can one day be the type of site that some kid obsesses over, and in turn, helps bring some light into their life.

(Poor Man’s Spoiler is a monetized site which means we make money from the ads posted on each page of the site. We do not control the ads posted on the site, and as such are not privy to what you may see in those boxes. The ad placement and selection is solely handled by wordpress. We also will occasionally make a percentage off of affiliate links from Amazon and other vendors via links in articles. We promise to always be forthcoming about these practices and are happy to answer any questions concerning these aspects of the site.)

Movie and Entertainment News/Insight shared with quality, and no budget…

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