POOR MAN OP-ED: We Need Movies and We Need You

A note from Poor Man’s Spoiler.

In some ways it feels like the world is currently on fire. Everything is closing. The numbers rise on the cases for the COVID-19 virus. Hollywood is essentially on pause and taking advantage of the growth of digital distribution. Thousands are dying. Resources are running low. But there is a calm about it all. You see it in the faces of people in the stores. A calm fearfulness. It’s haunting and intimidating, as we all traverse this madness and wonder what comes next. Knowing that it’s likely to get worse before it gets better. But there’s still good in this world.

The insanity of our current situation has brought people together in beautiful ways. From people playing music on their balconies to families sharing new memories at home together. We hear about communities doing their best to help the immunocompromised obtain the resources they need during all of this. We see schools and charities working hard to keep kids fed. There’s a lot of truly beautiful things happening right now. It shows that at our core, we can be truly wonderful, beautiful, caring people.

So today I ask you to continue to be just that. Do your best to stay indoors, and practice social distancing. Not only for yourself, but for all of those around us who need us to try to curb this virus before it becomes too much for us to handle. Or at least so that we can find a way to handle it as it does get more intense. We need to work together, for the good of everyone. Because no one deserves to be in pain or have to watch a loved one die from afar. No one deserves to go through any of the horrors that are occurring because of this virus. And we can all do our part to help in that.

As for us here at Poor Man’s Spoiler, our team is all at their respective homes for the most part, working remotely on our day jobs. As this site has never been something we are able to do full time due to the fact that we currently don’t make any money off of it. Personally, I have spent years pouring my heart and soul into making this site work, and grow. And if you’re a new member of our audience, welcome and I hope you’ll stick around.

Due to the way our lives have worked the past few months, we haven’t had much content since the beginning of February. But that is going to change. Partially thanks to the quarantine/social distancing, partially thanks to the way life has turned for myself and the rest of the team. So in the coming days, weeks, months, keep following us for reviews, news, and insight into the entertainment world. But also remember to explore and find new things to enjoy and love.

Take this time to find new shows to watch, new movies to fall in love with, new stories to dive into head first. Maybe explore outside of your comfort zone a bit, or what you’re used to. Try a free trial for a subscription service like Shudder and see if Horror really is your thing (use the promo code SHUTIN for a 30 day trial). Watch some Broadway shows on BroadwayHD, and pretend you’re in New York seeing these performances live. Or just find a film made by someone who doesn’t look like you, or who came from a different background than you did, and learn how the rest of the world sees things.

This is a wonderful time to explore the beauty and the power of film, and we live in an age where millions of films are right at our fingertips. Take advantage of it. Enjoy it. We will too. And we’ll tell you all about it in the coming days, weeks, and months.

For now though, take care of yourselves, be safe, and please follow guidelines to help all of us get through this. We love you, and we’ll see you soon.

-Alex Lancaster
(Founder, Editor in Chief, and Lead Contributor for Poor Man’s Spoiler)



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