Indy Horror House: A Halloween Experience You Perfect For Film Lovers

Have you ever wanted to be a character in a horror film but live to tell the tale? Do you live in the Indianapolis area? Well, you’re in luck!

Indy Horror Story is an interactive horror story experience that goes beyond the traditional haunted house. It “uses elements of live theatre, escape rooms and haunted houses to create physically, emotionally and psychologically challenging experiences” ( The house, located at 2002 N Prospect Street in the Fountain Square district, is a residential property that was built in 1910. The current owner purchased the house last fall to use as the location for the Indy Horror Story project. Although little is known about the house’s history, it is reportedly haunted.

The story that you participate in is an original piece created by the owner of Indy Horror Story: you are part of a paranormal investigative team, and your mission is to find evidence that the spirit of a young girl, Elizabeth, is haunting the premises. It combines the problem-solving aspects of an escape room with the adrenaline-spiking aspects of a haunted house. Rather than the usual flow of a haunted house where you keep moving from one room to the next while anticipating things to jump out, each room required a puzzle to solve that led to the discovery of an action, a key, or a lock combination in order to progress to the next room.

Image via Indy Horror Story

With the house being nearly 110 years old, it had the creepy vibe of an unfinished or dilapidated house, but not in a way that ever felt like I was in any serious danger. It helped contribute enormously to the atmosphere created by the props, actors, and sound effects. The fear and the anticipation I felt throughout the house didn’t rely solely on random jump scares by actors hiding around a corner, but each scare was driven by an event or an actor who was interacting with you as part of the story. It was a truly immersive (and frightening) experience.

As a bonafide horror junkie, I would HIGHLY recommend The Hell House of Prospect Street to anyone who’s a fan of haunted houses or horror movies. It’s a really unique experience and a ton of fun for those who are into the macabre.

Trigger Warning

Indy Horror House is NOT open to those under the age of 18. Some of the content involved can be physically and emotionally stressful. The experience requires that you be able to walk, climb, and crawl or kneel in some places. The house is not accessible to those with mobility aids. There are lighting effects, including strobe lights, and sound effects used throughout, so anyone with photosensitivity or audio sensitivity should proceed at their own risk. There is also some LIGHT touching involved from the actors. It does not involve any kind of forceful touch, but those who are sensitive to sudden touching should take note of this.

Indy Horror Story runs Thursday-Sunday from September 5th through November 3rd. For more information, visit their website at

Image via Indy Horror Story
Written by Alix Teague
(Alix is a fan of memes, puns, and unironically using words like “yeet.” She also has an MA in literature, so she’s clearly putting it to good use. She likes to refer to herself as the Millennial Bard. Follow Alix on anything at @alixplainlater)

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