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John Wick 2: Let’s Boogey with the Boogeyman

With John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum in theaters this weekend, we’re taking a look back at the previous films. Next up is John Wick 2.

You know those videos where people are being warned not to do something really stupid they’ll probably regret later when they start applying for jobs and everyone knows them as the person who had a song remixed about them after they shoved a dozen fish heads up their butt or something? That’s how stupid anyone who messes with John Wick is. The dude is an unstoppable killing machine, and people know this. The first movie made sense; Alfie Bowen’s character had no idea and made a huge error out of ignorance. Now people are just stupid.

The movie even points out how well known he is for being ruthless and unwavering in his pursuits. The antagonist even knows about John and forces him into a job because he is the best…why would you mess with that? Why would you bring it upon yourself to do anything that could rub a man like John Wick the wrong way? That’s an expensive way to kill yourself. The only real issues I had with the movie were related to the stupidity of the antagonists. Otherwise, John Wick is a staple in the evolution of the action hero.

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Take Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis, etc. and compare them and you’ll see they are all kind of the same archetype in their action movies: the best there is and they will always win. The plots are always just obstacles that keep us from seeing what we are here for – them saving the day and thwarting the bad guy. John Wick’s beauty is in its simplicity. It reminds me, in a way, of Mad Max: Fury Road in that it is just nonstop action and tension from a car chase…only John is the car doing the chasing. The movie doesn’t bog itself down in details that are not needed. “John, kill this person, now kill this person, and then this person…” That’s the movie! We all just get the pleasure of watching.

I am so glad that the franchise has also pulled us away more from the quick jump cuts and shaky cams of some of the genres predecessors. When other movies are basing their combat style off of yours, you are probably doing something right. None do it better than the originator though. The action in John Wick Chapter 2 is nonstop and just as well detailed and choreographed as the last film, if not more so.

In my last article, I noted that I wish we knew more about the world of John Wick, but I almost want to retract that. The aura of mystery that comes from not understanding everything to the greatest extent is what makes the movie fun. We don’t need to get bogged down in details. It would ruin the movie and make it just like early films. All we need to know is that there are rules, these people have power to make things happen, and John Wick is the best in the game. And Go.

Rating: 4/5

You can check out our review of the first John Wick here. Be sure to check back with us tomorrow for our review of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum and be sure to catch the film in theaters nationwide.

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Written by Eric Brockett
(Eric is a millennial and thus thinks his opinion on the internet matters. Sometimes he has opinions on films too. He thinks people care. He knows they don’t.)

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