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Avengers: Endgame – The Fate of the MCU Heroes and Villains (SPOILERS)

Avengers: Endgame was the closing chapter of The Infinity Saga, aka the first 22 Marvel films. With it came some final entries for certain members of the MCU. Here’s the fate of all the major heroes and villains.

We’re about to dive into MAJOR SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame. If you have not seen the film yet, we recommend waiting until you’ve seen the film to read this.

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Endgame brought back a lot of heroes that were killed off thanks to Thanos’ snap in Infinity War, but some heroes and villains are still gone. We’re going to look at who survived, who didn’t, and when and where you’ll be able to see the heroes and some villains of the MCU next!

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Peter Parker is alive and well. The wall crawler will next be seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Nick Fury and Maria Hill
Nick Fury and Maria Hill have returned after Bruce Banner undid Thanos’ snap. Both will be hitting the big screen this summer in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Scott Lang, Hope van Dyne, Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne
The Ant-Man family is back, and while it hasn’t been officially announced there are rumors that Peyton Reed, the director of the first 2 Ant-Man films, is currently working on development for a third film.

T’Challa, Shuri, Okoye, and Ramonda
The Black Panther has returned! T’Challa, his sister Shuri, his mother Ramonda, and the leader of Dora Milaje, Okoye, are all alive and well. The heroes from Wakanda will return to the big screen in the forthcoming Black Panther sequel which is expected to hit theaters by 2022 at the latest.

Doctor Strange and Wong
The Masters of the Mystic arts survived the conflict against Thanos. Both heroes are expected to return for a Doctor Strange sequel which is currently in development by director Scott Derrickson.

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Vision and Wanda
This is where things get confusing. Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch is alive and well. However, Vision is still dead after the events of Infinity War and Endgame. The two are expected to return for the upcoming Disney+ series, WandaVision. How Vision may return, and when that series actually takes place in the timeline of the MCU is unclear, but we should know more in the coming months.

The guardian of the Bifrost, and best friend to Thor is dead and gone from the MCU. He was not returned after the events of Infinity War and Endgame.

Captain Marvel
Carol Danvers is alive and fighting for everyone in the Universe. While a sequel to her solo film has yet to be announced, the first film just surpassed the billion-dollar mark at the box office, and expanding her story is a major priority for Marvel.

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Nebula and Gamora
Nebula did in fact survive the events of Endgame, but Gamora appears to be gone for now. The Gamora from 2014 that helped the Avengers battle Thanos at the end of Endgame would have returned to her time when Cap put the Infinity Stones back to their rightful place. But given the fact that Peter Quill was still searching for Gamora at the end of the film, there’s always a chance they could find a way to bring her back in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Star Lord, Drax, Rocket, Mantis, and Groot
The Guardians of the Galaxy were brought back when Thanos’ snap was undone. They will next be seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is set to begin filming next year, with writer-director James Gunn coming back to close out the trilogy.

While Thor survived the events of Endgame, his story is taking quite a turn. Thor will be heading out with the Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s unclear if he will be part of their team for Guardians Vol. 3, or if his path will diverge. But for now, he’s on the Benatar flying off into space.

Valkyrie, Korg and Meek
Valyrie has taken over as Queen of the Asgardians who have taken refuge on Earth. Korg and Meek have remained there as well for now as citizens of New Asgard. When exactly they’ll appear on screen again is unclear, but they may play a vital role in a new Thor film, which Tessa Thompson stated, has been pitched to Marvel.

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Hawkeye survived the battle against Thanos. Clint Barton will next be seen in his very own Disney+ series which is said to see Clint pass on the Hawkeye mantle to Kate Bishop, a character not yet introduced in the MCU.

Rhodey aka War Machine/Iron Patriot is still fighting in the MCU, when he’ll appear next is unclear, but he’ll likely come back through Disney+ series’ and various MCU films.

Black Widow
Natahsa Romanoff is gone. She sacrificed herself so that the Avengers could retrieve the Soul Stone and bring back everyone Thanos wiped out in Infinity War. While the film establishes that she is gone forever, and the Russo Brothers confirmed that she can not be resurrected, this wasn’t her last MCU adventure. Marvel Studios is set to begin filming on a solo Black Widow film, which will be released sometime next year. The film will be a prequel, taking place at some point early on in Black Widow’s career as a spy.

Bruce Banner and the Hulk have found a mid-ground where the two can happily live in the same body. Essentially they’ve become “Professor Hulk,” the version of the Hulk with Banner’s persona still in tact. Where Hulk/Banner shows up next is uncertain, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see him help bring back Vision for his forthcoming Disney+ series.

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Steve Rogers
Cap, as we know him, is done in the MCU. Endgame ended his story with Cap leaving to return the Infinity Stones to their rightful timelines, and not coming back immediately. We then get to see an old Steve Rogers return to say he’s lived his life, and the film ends with him dancing with Peggy Carter. While it could be assumed that Steve went back to our past and secretly lived with Peggy, as her never seen on screen husband, the Russo brothers confirmed in an interview with EW that Cap actually went to an alternate timeline and lived out his life with Peggy Carter. They also alluded to the idea that we may hear more about that timeline somewhere down the road…

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes
Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are set to return to the MCU via a Disney+ series supposedly called Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But, given that Steve Rogers gives Sam his Captain America shield, and tells him it’s his, Sam Wilson will become the new Captain America. Whether the Disney+ series is about Sam taking on that mantle and how he grows into the role, or if it’s a prequel that somehow explores his adventures without Steve, is unclear.

Thanos is dead. His head was chopped off by Thor in 2018, and though he returns 5 years later, that version was killed by Tony Stark, and would have been wiped out no matter what when Steve Rogers returned the Infinity Stones to their rightful place.

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Tony Stark
Tony Stark is dead. After using the Infinity Stones, and his own Infinity Gauntlet within his armor, his body couldn’t sustain the damage from using all the stones at once, and he died from the wounds. His legacy will forever live on in the Marvel heroes that survived, and in his and Pepper’s daughter Morgan.

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This is the one single wild card that we haven’t figured out yet. Loki in 2018 is dead. Having been killed by Thanos in Infinity War. BUT! The Loki that escaped with the Tesseract in 2012 is somewhere. The rules of the film establish that when Stever Rogers returns the Infinity Stones to their rightful location, then everything goes back to how it’s supposed to be. But given that they didn’t remove the tesseract from 2012, Loki’s dissapearance has to be part of the story we didn’t see at the end of The Avengers. Which in a way makes sense. When Thor and Loki leave Earth, the Tesseract isn’t in the briefcase, but instead in a special device which helps them return to Asgard. Hopefully we learn through the upcoming Disney+ Loki series what exactly happened there. Til then, we’ll just have to stick to our own theories on what happened to Loki in 2012.

Keep following Poor Man’s Spoiler as we continue to look at the MCU Post-Endgame. And be sure to check out Avengers: Endgame in theaters now if you haven’t already!

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Written by Alex Lancaster
(Alex is a life long film fan, and has dedicated his life to watching, making and obsessing over films. His favorite film is Big Fish, and he despises Avatar. He has a 4 year old son. And a bad habit of saying more than he needs to. Follow 
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