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Game of Thrones: Season 2 Recap

“You know nothing Jon Snow.”

With Game of Thrones 8th and final season coming up this month, we’re taking a look at the road that led to the final battle for Westeros. Today we’re going through the second season with a rundown of what happened, who was killed, and our favorite line from each episode. Let’s dive in.

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2.1 – The North Remembers

What Happened

  • Tyrion arrives in King’s Landing as the Hand, much to Cersei’s dismay.
  • Daenerys travels through the “red waste.” When her horse collapses she sends men in each direction to find something more than desert.
  • The Nights Watch meet the men beyond the wall. Their leader, Crastor marries his daughters. Jon asks what happens to the sons.
  • Stannis Baratheon sends letters to every high lord declaring his right to the throne and the truth of Joffrey’s parentage.
  • Robb sends his peace demands to the Lannisters.
  • Theon offers to try to get his father’s help.
  • Joffrey has Robert’s bastards killed.

Kill Count: +2

  • While an exact number isn’t stated yet, later in the series it’s said Robert Baratheon had 20 something bastards. If Joffrey killed all of them but Gendry the number is at least in the teens. But for now we only truly see 2 on screen.

Best Quote:

  • “You want to lead one day? Then learn how to follow.” – Jeor Mormont

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2.2 – The Night Lands

What Happened

  • Robb asks Catelyn to talk with Renly Baratheon.
  • Varys learns that Tyrion is secretly in a relationship with the former prostitute Shae.
  • Lannister men meet up with Yoren and demand Gendry come with them.
  • One of Crastor’s daughters, Gilly, asks Sam to help her leave so she can save her unborn child. They go to Jon for help.
  • While awaiting word from her men, a horse returns to Daenerys with the head of one of her scouts, Rakharo.
  • Tyrion gets rid of the Lord Commander of the City Watch, Janos Slynt, sending him to the Night’s Watch.
  • Theon gets to the Iron Islands and presents Robb’s proposal to join forces to his father, Baylon Greyjoy. He rejects it.
  • Jon sees someone/thing take a baby and is knocked out by Crastor.

Kill Count: 1

  • Rakharo, beheaded while scouting for Daenarys.

Best Quote:

  • “You want to be Hand of the King? You want to rule? This is what ruling is; lying on a bed of weeds, ripping them out by the root, one by one, before they strangle you in your sleep!” – Cersei Lannister


2.3 – What Is Dead May Never Die

  • Catelyn Stark meets with Renly Baratheon and asks for help.
  • Stannis sleeps with Melisandre to give him an edge with the lord of light.
  • Shea gets put in as Sansa’s lead handmaiden to help keep her safe.
  • Brianne of Tarth gets put in as King’s guard after beating Ser Loras Tyrell.
  • Tyrion roots out Maester Pycelle as the traitor working against him for Cersei, and throws him in a dungeon.
  • Margaery Tyrell reveals to her husband, Renly Baratheon, that she knows he’s gay and in an affair with her brother Loras, and doesn’t care.
  • Tyrion asks Baelish for help freeing Jaime from the Starks.
  • Lannister men come back to Yoren for Gendry, attacking multiple men. Arya saves Jaqen H’ghar, and tells the Lannister soldiers that Lommy (who is dead) was Gendry, Robert’s bastard.

Kill Count: -10

  • Lannister soldiers attack Yoren’s men heading to the Night’s Watch. An undetermined amount of men are killed, including Yoren and Lommy.

Best Quote:

  • “The Queen mustn’t know.” – Tyrion Lannister/Petyr Baelish

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2.4 – Garden of Bones

  • Bran tells Maester Luwin that he’s dreaming of being animals.
  • Jon tells Mormont he saw Crastor sacrifice a baby. Mormont knows that Crastor has been doing this.
  • Tyrion outwits Lancel Lannister, realizing he’s sleeping with Cersei, and makes him his spy.
  • Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie are taken to Harrenhall. While there Arya becomes cup bearer for Tywin Lannister.
  • Stannis gives Renly one night to drop his claim to the throne.
  • Robb meets Lady Talisa, a nurse from the south.
  • Xaro Xhoan Daxos, one of the thirteen leaders of Qarth, vouches for Daenerys and welcomes her to Qarth.
  • Davos smuggles Melisandre to the shore and she gives birth to a shadow demon.

Kill Count: +2

  • Northern men are tortured at Harrenhall.

Best Quote:

  • “The night is dark and full of terrors.” – Davos Seaworth


2.5 – The Ghost of Harrenhal

  • Renly is killed in front of Brienne and Catelyn, by the shadow demon that Melisandre gave birth to.
  • Baelish offers the Tyrells safe harbor.
  • Tyrion tells Cersei that Dorne is the safest place for her daughter, Myrcella.
  • Warlocks of Qarth tell Daenerys that they want her to come to the House of the Undying.
  • Jon heads out with Rangers to hunt White Walkers.
  • Jaqen H’ghar offers to kill three men for Arya as long as she gives him a name.
  • Theon heads off to take Torrhen’s Square for his father.
  • Bran has a dream that the sea comes to Winterfell and floods Winterfell with dead bodies.

Kill Count: 2

  • Renly Baratheon, killed by the shadow demon child of Stannis and Melisandre.
  • The Tickler, the first man Arya has Jaqen kill.

Best Quote:

  • “A man needs a name.” – Jaqen H’gar


2.6 – The Old Gods and the New

  • Theon takes Winterfell and beheads Rodrik Cassel, the Master-at-Arms of Winterfell.
  • Cersei destroys Robb’s peace demands.
  • Jon catches and decides not to kill a Wildling named Ygritte.
  • Common folk attack Joffrey and the royal family after Myrcella is sent to Dorne.
  • Jaqen kills Ser Amory Lorch for Arya when he begins suspecting she’s not who she says she is.
  • Tywin and Arya begin to bond as she serves as his cup bearer.
  • Osha, a wildling caught by Rob and Theon, helps Bran and Rickon escape from Theon’s forces at Winterfell.
  • Someone steals Danaerys’ dragons.

Kill Count: 2

  • Rodrik Cassel, beheaded by Theon.
  • Ser Amory Lorch, killed by Jaqen in service of Arya.

Best Quote:

  • “And now I’ve struck a king! Did my hand fall from my wrist?” – Tyrion Lannister


2.7 – A Man Without Honor

  • Theon begins tracking Bran and Rickon.
  • Ygritte continues to taunt Jon, until she escapes and leads him to a trap.
  • Sansa begins menstruating and fears having to bear Joffrey’s children. Cersei tells her to only love her children.
  • Daenerys learns that a warlock named Pree stole her dragons, and he kills the other Thirteen as they name Daxos King of Qarth.
  • Theon presents two mutilated and charred bodies to Luwin and the people of Winterfell claiming they’re Bran and Rickon.
  • Jaime attempts to escape and kills Torrhen Karstark. With tension rising, Catelyn sneaks Jaime out of his cell, having Brienne take him back to King’s Landing in exchange for her daughters’ safe return.

Kill Count: 14

  • The two orphans taken in by the farmers outside Winterfell, Theon mutilates their bodies and burns them.
  • Torrhen Karstark, killed by Jaime Lannister in an escape attempt.
  • 11 of the 13 leaders of Qarth.

Best Quote:

  • “You know nothing Jon Snow.” – Ygritte

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2.8 – The Prince of Winterfell

  • Rob locks Catelyn in her tent when he learns she released Jaime. He grows closer to Talisa.
  • Yara Greyjoy arrives at Winterfell to bring her brother, Theon, home.
  • Tywin leaves Harrenhall to fight Robb.
  • Cersei attempts to blackmail Tyrion thinking Ros, a prostitute working for Littlefinger, is the woman he fell for.
  • The Night’s Watch find a horde of Dragon Glass.
  • Arya names H’gar and vows to un-name him if he helps her, Gendry and Hot Pie escape Harrenhal.
  • Stannis tells Davos that he will be the Hand of the King when he takes the throne.
  • Bran and Rickon are safe in hiding back at Winterfell.

Kill Count: 12

  • 3 Night’s Watchmen are killed by Wildlings north of the wall.
  • 9 Lannister soldiers are killed by Jaqen.

Best Lines:

  • “The Lord of Light wants his enemies burned. The Drowned God wants them drowned. Why are all the gods such vicious cunts? Where is the god of tits and wine?” – Tyrion Lannister
    “In the Summer Isles, they worship a fertility goddess with sixteen teats.” – Lord Varys
    “We should sail there immediately.” – Tyrion Lannister

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2.9 – Blackwater

  • The Lannister and Baratheon armies prepare for battle.
  • When the Baratheon fleet arrives to the shores of Kings Landing, Tyrion sets the lead ships ablaze with Wildfire.
  • The women, including Sansa and Cersei, are kept deep within the castle. As Cersei gets drunk, she encourages Sansa to do the same.
  • In the middle of the battle The Hound abandons fighting, curses the Kingsguard, the city and Joffrey, and leaves.
  • When Joffrey abandons the battle, Tyrion leads the army ahead. He is slashed across the face in battle, an attempted murder by Mandon Moore on Cersei’s orders.
  • When the army begins to fall Tywin and the Tyrells arrive and finish the Baratheon army off as men carry Stannis out of the fight.

Kill Count: Hundreds

  • A large number of men are killed in the Battle of Blackwater.

Best Quote:

  • “I’ve never much liked my head but I don’t want to see it removed just yet.” – Tyrion Lannister
  • “Tears aren’t a woman’s only weapon. The best one’s between your legs.” – Cersei Lannister
  • “Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let’s go kill them.” – Tyrion Lannister

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2.10 – Valar Morghulis

  • Tyrion awakes with Maester Pycelle standing over him, he’s been given smaller quarters and stripped of being Hand to the King. Varys informs him that Ser Mandon Moore was hired to kill him on Cersei’s request, and that all Tyrion’s men are gone.
  • Joffrey makes Tywin the Hand of the King officially, gives Littlefinger the kingdom of Harrenhal, and takes up Margaery Tyrell to be his Queen.
  • Varys asks Ros to work for him.
  • Brienne and Jamie are seen by three stark men, Brienne kills them.
  • Catelyn asks Robb not to marry Talisa. Robb and Talisa marry in a secret ceremony at night.
  • Stannis tells Melisandre he doesn’t believe in her God, she shows him his victory in the flames.
  • Theon tries to rally his men against the northerners outside Winterfell, they knock him out, give Maester Luwin a mortal wound and burn Winterfell.
  • H’gar gives Arya a coin and tells her that if she needs him to give it to any man from Braavos and say “Valar Morghulis.”
  • Bron, Rickon, Hodor, and Osha find Maester Luwin outside Winterfell, they say their goodbyes and Osha kills Luwin mercifully.
  • Daenerys enters the House of the Undying to claim her Dragons and sees the throne room of the Red Keep, the roof has been destroyed and it’s snowing. She leaves the room and goes past the wall, to a tent where Khal Drogo and their son Rhaego. She leaves and enters the center of the House of the Undying where her Dragons are being kept. Pree attempts to keep her in chains and she has the dragons burn him.
  • Halfhand fights Jon and tells him to kill him, so that he may prove loyalty to the Wildlings, and save himself.
  • Daenerys takes Daxos to his vault, which is empty, and places him inside. Jorah and her men take the gold from Daxos’ home.
  • White Walkers head south.

Kill Count: 6

  • Maester Luwin, killed by the Ironborn men at Winterfell.
  • Daenerys kills Pree.
  • Daxos and Daenerys’ former hand servant are technically killed by Daenerys as they’re put inside an empty vault, and left to rot.
  • Three Lannister soldiers are killed by Brienne.

That’s it for Season 2 of Game of Thrones. Be sure to check back as we continue covering each season leading up to the final season of Game of Thrones which begins on April 14th on HBO. Check out all our previous coverage below.

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