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Don’t Fret With Frido: Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry 5 has officially been released.  Let’s take a look back on the game that featured Nero’s release, Devil May Cry 4.

Devil May Cry is an amazing series, a hack-and-slash style game that offers puzzles and challenging combat the game is very popular among fans.  The game immediately drew in fans when it was released in 2008.  For its debut week, the game sold over 200,000 copies worldwide, and I was included in that total; I have played through this game a ton of times.  If you have never played through it and wondered who in the world this Nero kid was in Devil May Cry 5, don’t worry; I’ve got you, boo boo.  If you just want to know my opinions on the game you can just skip past the story.

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The Story

Devil May Cry starts in a remote town called Fortuna.  The town contains The Order of The Sword which worships Dante and Vergil’s father, Sparda.  Nero is running towards a church and fighting demons along the way.  Nero is part of The Order of The Sword and is hopelessly in love with the Captain’s sister, Kyrie.  Suddenly, Dante shows up and wrecks some stuff and kills the high priest of the church.   During this fight with Dante we realize that Nero has a demon arm, which he hides from other people.  Nero is told to chase after Dante to Castle Fortuna (the town and the castle are named the same thing it’s dumb). On our way to Castle Fortuna, we meet a Demon (the first boss, oooooh).

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As Nero approaches the castle we meet a sassy lady by the name of Gloria.  Gloria, is a new member of The Order of The Sword and is making her way back to headquarters.  Surprise mofo!  It’s Trish in disguise, doing Dante’s dirty work.  Trish, you sly dog you, infiltrating organizations.  We actually don’t learn this until like four chapters later, but whatever.  Nero continues to make his way through the castle killing demons and taking names, when he suddenly falls down a very deep hole.

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At the bottom of this hole we find the scientist Agnus and his lab.  Within the center of the lab is the broken sword Yamato.  If you have played other Devil May Cry games before you will know that Yamato is the sword the Vergil was using to open the demon world in Devil May Cry 3.  The Order finds Yamato on an island near Fortuna, which we will talk about later on.

Agnus gets his Angelo creations to stab Nero up against the wall, and Agnus says he’s going to do experiments on his arm.  Nero blacks out and this is when we get a little glimpse as to how he acquired his demon arm.  We hear screams and from Nero and Kyrie like they are being attacked.  Nero then has a spirit of a demon behind him, and Yamato is fixed and flies to his hand.  He attacks Agnus who transforms into an angel.  Agnus escapes and heads toward headquarters.


Nero wakes up from his demon coma and goes towards headquarters.  We change scenes and the rest of The Order is sitting around talking about what to do about Dante, when Agnus busts in.  Gasp!  The high priest is alive and well?!!  He talks about how Nero has the demon arm and he needs to be taken care of.  He also tells the high priest that he was calling out Kyrie’s name when unconscious.  The high priest responds with an “any means necessary” response.  The captain and Agnus go after Nero while Gloria goes after Dante.

Nero approaches The Order headquarters and finds the captain, Credo, waiting for him.  He changes into an angel and attacks Nero who is very confused.  Credo explains about Nero’s arm and how he is a demon and should be killed.  The two have a big battle, and Nero obviously wins and heads into the building and up the tower.  As he reaches the top of the tower, he finds that Agnus has kidnapped Kyrie.  As he flies off with her, we discover why Nero has this power.  Kyrie was in trouble and was being attacked by demons.  Nero tried to protect her but could not.  He reached down inside and heard a voice.  That voice saved Kyrie but is always whispering how it wants power.  Basically, Nero has a demon within him and is getting his power from that.

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Nero continues ever upward and find the high priest atop a large statue of Sparda and Kyrie sticking out a the gem in it’s chest.  Kyrie is absorbed into it.  The high priest explains that his demon power would be enough to power the Savior, Sparda. The statue was created to kill demons and create a new world.  They were planning to use Yamato, but now that Nero controls it, they will use him instead.  There’s a big fight between Nero and the high priest, and at the end, Dante shows up to try and take down the statue.  He fails and the statue takes off on a path of destruction as Nero and Kyrie are absorbed into its core.

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You now get to play as Dante!  Dante takes off towards town to stop the statue.  There’s a lot less story going on with Dante. Basically he’s here to get back Yamato, but now that this chaos has happened, he’s gonna help out with that too.  Good guy Dante, here to save the day.

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As Dante continues back through the castle to reach the town, he begins to fight the same bosses that Nero did.  Nero didn’t necessarily kill the bosses, he just weakened them enough that they had to return to the demon world to recharge.

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When Dante arrives back in the town of Fortuna, he begins to fight Agnus to reclaim Yamat, which is needed to destroy the giant Savior statue.  As he shoves the sword into the chest of the Savior, he awakens Nero, who begins to fight his way out and save Kyrie.  Nero is able to kill the high priest, save Kyrie, and destroy the Savior.

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After they destroy the Savior, Dante decides to entrust Nero with Yamato on the hunch that they may be related since he is able to wield it.  This gives us some hints that Nero may actually be part demon.  Dante heads out of what remains of Fortuna and Nero fights off the remaining demons as he shares a — gasp — kiss with Kyrie.

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The Review

As I stated before I love the Devil May Cry series, and I feel like Devil May Cry 4 was a great addition to that series.  It has some issues, but they are smaller and don’t ruin parts of the game itself.

The Mediocre

I love Dante.  He’s an awesome character and makes the series great.  HOWEVER, he is simply not as fun to play in this game.  Nero is simply the superior character when it comes to gameplay.  Having Nero’s demon arm adds a new element to the series.  It’s really fun to use and kind of addicting.  When the game switches over to Dante, it takes away the mechanic that you have spent over half of the game playing with.  The switch to Dante doesn’t happen until the beginning of Chapter 12, but frankly, I feel the game would have been better if we were able to play as Nero to save Dante instead of switching characters.

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The Bad

There are some enemies that I find highly annoying. Mephisto and Faust and some of the most annoying enemies.  Players have to shoot off their cloak like dark shrouds to reveal the body below, and only then can they actually be damaged.   If players miss the opportunity to hit them while they are grounded, it takes forever to take their cloaks back off.  The easiest way to take off their cloaks is to use Nero’s demon arm. When the game switches to Dante, it takes a lot more time.  The cutlass enemies are also super annoying once you switch to Dante.  They slither around on the ground and you can’t grab them to stun them like you can with the demon arm.

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As discussed before, The Order of The Sword (also if you didn’t know yet they are called this because Yamato gives them their powers) finds Yamato on the coast of the island near the town of Fortuna.  If you are a fan of the series you will know that the island that holds Fortuna is located nowhere near where the sword was left at the end of Devil May Cry 3, which is the Mallet Island where the first Devil May Cry takes place.  The only way to discover how The Order found Yamato is to read the Devil May Cry 4 graphic novel.  I strongly dislike this.  It just feels like a way for Capcom to get more money if the only way you get all of the story is if you read about it in this novel!  Frankly, it’s the same issue I have when games put actual story content in their DLC.  Most DLC is harmless extra modes, weapons, and sometimes it’s another story but isn’t related to the actual story at all (Far Cry: Blood Dragon, for example).  Don’t make me buy extra content just because you waited to reveal details of the story at a later date.

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Now that I’m off of that rant.  Devil May Cry introduced the separation of the level up system.  In the original games you level up and buy items with red orbs.  In Devil May Cry 4, however, you buy items with red orbs and use proud souls for leveling up.  I can’t say this is a bad thing.  It makes characters a lot easier to level up and to buy items.  It also makes the game a lot easier than its predecessors.


The Good

This game has one of my favorite bosses of all, and those are the demons Bael and Dagon.  These are the angler toads which are the bosses in Fortuna castle.  It’s a fun boss fight, and I find the concept interesting.  A lot of the bosses are fun.  They aren’t spammy or where players will get frustrated, as long as they aren’t on the highest difficulty.  Their patterns can be learned quickly and without any hassle.

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Normally in video games the scientist is a weak, scrawny character that is easily defeated and doesn’t put up much of a fight.  Angus is quite the opposite of the norm, and I really enjoy that.  He is a powerful fighter and a very intelligent man.  He doesn’t back down when Nero presents a fight; he rises to the challenge.  He’s a member of The Order for a reason. They aren’t using him for his inventions; he’s a formidable foe that can put up a fight.

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Devil May Cry 4 is a great game, and if you haven’t played any of the series before this is a good place to start.  The graphics are decent, the gameplay is fun, and it’s got a good story. I really hope that we learn more about who Nero is and how he relates to Dante in Devil May Cry 5.  This series has always had a good base, and this one is no exception.  If you haven’t played Devil May Cry 4 before, I highly recommend it.

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Written by Frido
(Frido is an avid gamer and plays games when they should be doing homework. Their other hobbies include sleeping, eating, drinking, and acting like they’re going to start exercising when we all know they’re not. Some of their favorite games include The Bioshock Series, the Resident Evil series, and Luigi’s Mansion. They figured if they’re gonna have all of these opinions might as well put them to paper.)

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