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Golden Globes 101: Who Chooses the Winners and What It Means For The Oscars

The Golden Globes air tonight! So we’re giving you a look at how they work.

Each year some of the best films and TV shows get nominated for Golden Globes, and many people often view the Globes as a sort of precursor to the Oscars. But the truth of the matter is that the Globes only slightly help Films on their race to the Oscars. We’re going to lay out all the details of the Globes today and give you some tips on what to look out for when they air tonight on NBC at 8pm.

Who gives out the Golden Globes?

The Golden Globe nominations are chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Assoication. The HFPA consists of journalists and photo-journalists from around the world. It’s a collection of reporters who focus on entertainment news in different countries outside the US. Overall the group has no overlap with other awards, like the Oscars, Emmy’s, SAG, etc.

Who all do they give awards to?

The Globes are given primarily to the Actors, directors and producers of the films and TV shows nominated. There are a few other categories like Best Original Score, and Best Screenplay, which also get awarded. But more than anything the categories focus on the best performers in the industry. The Actors and Actresses that lead the best films and TV shows each year.

How do they impact the Oscar race?

The Globes biggest impact in the Oscar race has nothing to do with the choices per se, it’s more about seeing people in the room. Almost everyone nominated attends the ceremony, which includes a dinner and an open bar. It leads to people rubbing elbows for the first time, and in many cases, it also leads to actors and filmmakers putting a face to a name for the first time. These interactions can help lead to good word of mouth. If people like someone in person, they’re more inclined to vote for them when filling out an Oscar ballot. This is also where the winners come into play a bit. Because standing on a stage and giving a speech to this room full of their peers, can also help lean voters in their favor. Especially when their speeches go viral.

What else happens at the Golden Globes?

The other big note concerning the Globes is the open bar. It’s a fun time for those attending, and people tend to drink more than they should at times. There have been plenty of times over the years where actors and actresses have drank one too many and end up being slightly inebriated while on stage presenting or accepting an award. This can lead to some entertaining and memorable moments that can be hilarious, or cringe worthy, and either way are something you want to see happen live.

Who will win?

There’s really no telling. Unless there’s a film that is just the complete front runner in the awards season, things can really go any way. And in terms of TV, the HFPA tends to award shows that aren’t as big in America, or haven’t gotten as much attention. Usually this leads to people binging new shows the following weeks, and those shows becoming more popular. But overall there’s no real sign of who can or may win at the Globes. The best thing to do is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the entertaining night of seeing celebrities joke around, and drink together.

Be sure to catch the 76th annual Golden Globes tonight at 8pm on NBC, and make sure to follow us on twitter @poormansspoiler where we’ll be live tweeting the entire ceremony.

Image via HFPA/NBC

Image via HFPA

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