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Don’t Fret With Frido: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review

Frido is here to help you start off the New Year with a Smash.

The new Super Smash Brothers was just released, and it is exactly what we fans were hoping for.  And Nintendo was not lying when they said that everyone would be in it.  There are 74 playable characters–8 are available when you start, but the rest need to be unlocked.  There are also 448 spirits to equip to your fighter.  Even super obscure characters are represented as spirits and some very major ones.  Even as a huge Nintendo fan, there are a lot of characters that I’ve never heard of and had to look up.

If you haven’t done any research on this game yet, there is a new adventure mode added that was shown in some of the trailers.  In this adventure mode, spirits have possessed puppet versions of the fighting characters that were captured.  Once you defeat the fighters, you can unlock the spirits.  And let me tell you, seeing some of these fighters possessed is super creepy.  Look at that Jigglypuff–who doesn’t find that creepy?  As if Jigglypuff doesn’t look soulless to begin with, with those large eyes.


Adventure mode starts you off with all of the fighters having been captured by the ongoing villain of the series, Galleem.  The only fighter left to fight off Master Hand and his friends is Kirby, who is actually a favorite character of mine.  Adventure mode also starts you off with one random spirit to help you out.  I received Rabid Peach, while a friend of mine received Darknut from the Legend of Zelda series. One great thing that I really enjoyed about the adventure mode is that if you unlock playable fighters within adventure mode, it unlocks them within regular Smash modes as well.  As I said before, to unlock the spirits, you have to battle the possessed fighters.  Sometimes that fight makes sense. For example, to unlock the Cranky Kong, you fight a white Donkey Kong.  To unlock Magneton, you have to fight three metal Pac-Men. To unlock Hilda of Lorule, you have to fight a Princess Zelda with the black color scheme. The combinations are actually really cool to think about.  There was also a spirit board added where you can unlock the spirit characters that you would unlock in Adventure, but this allows you to do so before you are able to reach certain areas in Adventure. I’m not sure if there are any on the spirit board that aren’t in Adventure mode.

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There were a lot of new characters that I was really excited to play as.  There are 11 new playable fighters, which include Ridley, Inkling, Isabelle, and (one that I was really pumped for) King K. Rool.  If you pre-ordered the game, you also received Piranha Plant as a playable character.  And let me just say, I was rocking socks with Inkling.

Some other cool modes that were added was Smashdown and what we would normally call Classic Mode, but it’s been changed a bit.  It’s where every fighter uses a character, and after that character is used, that character is no longer available.  It’s a sort of elimination round, but even if you win with that character, it’s still not available in the next fight.  It’s really fun when playing with a group of friends since they know what your strongest fighters are.  I played with two of my friends who are aware that my strongest fighters are Ness, Kirby, and Toon Link.  Guess who they chose first?  Kirby and Ness.

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As for the changes to classic mode, it’s now represented in a painting.  The farther right you go in the painting, the harder the challenges are.  As per the other Smash games, the challenges for all characters are different.  As you play through each character you’ll earn gold, spirits, spirits orbs, and SP’s (spirit power).  It’s always cool to see which characters will be thrown at you on which stages.

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There wasn’t really anything that I disliked about this entry.  It keeps you busy and it’s really fun.  If I had to have any grievances, it’s the same that I’ve had for all of the Smash games.  Sometimes there are just so many items and support characters on screen that you get very overwhelmed. Even if you are a better fighter, you can lose very quickly if the opposing player has three different support characters against you.  Though you can take out the items in the fights, it’s still something I’ve always disliked about the Smash series.

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The Smash series has always been a favorite of mine and many Nintendo fans.  This game definitely has that Nintendo polish.  It’s fun and can keep you and a group of friends busy for hours. From tourneys to Smashdown to online Smash, this game has tons of ways to keep you busy.  This is one I definitely recommend.  As a bonus, here are some pictures of the different Kirby costumes.  You’re welcome.

Image via NintendoImage via NintendoImage via Nintendo

Written by Frido
(Frido is an avid gamer and plays games when they should be doing homework. Their other hobbies include sleeping, eating, drinking, and acting like they’re going to start exercising when we all know they’re not. Some of their favorite games include the Bioshock Series, the Resident Evil series, and Luigi’s Mansion. They figured if they’re gonna have all of these opinions might as well put them to paper.)

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