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Kasdan takes “November Road”

Lawrence Kasdan, the write behind Raiders of the Lost Ark and Empire Strikes Back has signed on to adapt and direct the book November Road.

Deadline broke the news today of Kasdan signing onto the project. The novel just hit bookstores this week and comes from award winning writer Lou Berney. Kasdan bought the rights for the film, and will also produce the feature alongside Shane Salerno. Salerno wrote the screenplays for the upcoming Avatar sequels for James Cameron.

The book focuses on Frank Guidry “A loyal street lieutenant to New Orleans’ mob boss Carlos Marcello.” When everyone associated with his boss begins turning up dead following the assassination of JFK, Guidry goes on the run to survive. Along the way he meets Charlotte, a single mother trying to escape a mundane life and her “hopeless drunk” of a husband. He agrees to take her to California and along the way starts to fall in love.

There’s no distributor for the film yet, and it’s unclear when the film will go into production, but anything by Kasdan is exciting news. We’ll keep you posted on the project as more news comes out.

November Road
Image via Harper Collins

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