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Live Action Lilo and Stitch in Development

Disney has seen massive success with their live action adaptations of their animated film catalog. The next film in development, Lilo and Stitch.

THR broke the news today that the Mouse House is developing a feature length live-action adaptation of the 2002 animated feature. Mike Van Waes is writing the script for the film. Van Waes recently wrote the script for the upcoming Conuring spinoff, The Crooked Man. The film is being Produced by Dan Lin (The Lego Movie) and Jonathan Eirich (Death Note). Lin and Eirich are already working with Disney on the upcoming live-action Aladdin adaptation, which is set for release on May 24th of next year.

The biggest uncertainty as of now is whether the film will see a theatrical release, or be set for Disney’s upcoming streaming service. Disney already has live action/CGI adaptations of Dumbo and Lion King set for theatrical release next year, as well as the aforementioned Aladdin film. They’re also developing live action adaptations of Lady and the Tramp (starring Justin Theroux and Tessa Thompson) and The Sword in the Stone for their streaming service.

Image via Disney

The original Lilo and Stitch focused on a young Hawaiian girl who takes in an alien creature that escaped from an intergalactic prison. It was full of Elvis songs and Hawaiian/Polynesian inspired original music. It could be interesting to see the new adaptation hit theaters and tell a story of Polynesian culture on the big screen. Lilo and Stitch and Disney’s Moana are the only big films in recent years to showcase Polynesian culture in any remotely decent way. In a day and age where we’re seeing more representation on the big screen, Lilo and Stitch could be a great addition to that growing trend.

The original Lilo and Stitch is currently streaming on Netflix. No matter what, I hope Disney takes a cue from the original film and gets creative with their marketing for the live action adaptation. The original teasers were fantastic. You can check them out below.

Image via Disney

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