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Bickering with Brockett: Extinction May Be The Best Option for Jurassic World

Full disclosure: I have not seen nor did I intend to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom…it looks bad. My first thought when I saw the teaser trailer was, “What is something new and invigorating  they could bring into this franchise?” The answer is nothing.

In fact, I would say that it is even worse than nothing, as it comes off as the equivalent of turning back a few pages in your choose your own adventure story and rewriting the first Jurassic World with excerpts from the second film. Let’s looks a few things from the trailers:

  • UnInteresting choices
  • Over-reliance on the previous films and nostalgia
  • Boring, underdeveloped characters
  • Future dated CGI
  • Recycled authoritative figure is bad antagonist

Let me ask you this, which film did I pull these from exactly? This film is so lost in its predecessors that even the title is derivative. Lost > Fallen (Both being gone from something previous) and World > Kingdom ( Both areas, didn’t need the explanation).

Sadly, with as much as they pulled front the previous films, the writers didn’t even pull what was good about the previous films for the new one: the characters. All the characters in Jurassic Park were purposeful. Losing them would miss a key element of the story. It didn’t feel like we were just checking the boxes of what a summer blockbuster should have. The antagonist was hubris and greed – ideas that we can all relate to, something that can be discussed and evaluated. The kids were even purposeful, as they helped the development of Dr. Grant’s character and undo the security lock down Needry put in. The antagonist in Jurassic World wants to sell dinosaurs for warfare…when we have drones. The kids were there because…the other movies had kids? What is the character development of Chris Pratt? The character is basically an exotic dolphin trainer. No one has any real growth outside of “Maybe we shouldn’t try to genetically improve a former apex predator?” So in the next film, I’m sure they won’t tell me that selling dinosaurs is bad and so is genetically splicing dinosaurs…again.

For as much shit as people give the Star Wars franchise for repeating the same old drivel or insulting their fans’ intelligence, why does this franchise get so much slack? Has the bar been set so low with the previous sequels that they have become spectacles in and of themselves? Are we no longer going expecting a story about how just because we can advance scientifically doesn’t mean we should? Are we okay with just watching CGI dinosaurs show up, do a thing, and become irrelevant by the end? Personally, I don’t. I want to be worried about the characters again. I want to watch them grow and learn. God dammit, I want to hold on to my butt again! But sadly, I no longer feel welcome in Jurassic Park.

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Written by Eric Brockett
(Eric is a millennial and thus thinks his opinion on the internet matters. Sometimes he has opinions on films too. He thinks people care. He knows they don’t.)

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