SDCC: Ducktales, Bumblebee, Spock, Archer and More!

The 2018 San Diego International Comic Con has come to a close. Today we’re bringing you all the updates from Comic Con that we haven’t been able to cover this week. Ranging from the CW’s other Arrowverse shows, to Paramount’s upcoming Bumblebee Transformers movie.

Star Trek Discovery

  • The new season will premiere in January. Before then, in December, there will be short films released featuring the cast, “Short Treks.”
  • Spock will appear this season, who is portraying the character has not been revealed.

Lucasfilm Publishing

  • Marvel will launch a 30 issue series that spans every era of the Star Wars Story. Jody Houser will write “Star Wars: Age of Republic.” Greg Pak will write “Star Wars: Age of Rebellion.” Tom Taylor will write “Star Wars: Age of Resistance.”
  • There will be an all ages horror comic entitled “Tales from Vader’s Castle.”
  • In February they are releasing “Star Wars: Master and Apprentice” about Obi Wan and Qui-Gon.
  • In March they are releasing “Star War’s: Queen’s Shadow” which focuses on Padme’s transition from Queen to Senator.

Black Lightning

  • Jefferson will see more of a challenge in trying to balance being a hero, a principal, and a father.
  • Jordan Calloway who plays Khalil Payne aka Painkiller, has been upped to a series regular for the new season

Legends of Tomorrow

  • There are no plans for now to bring back Firestorm, Kid Flash, or Snart.
  • The new season will feature the Legends going to Woodstock where they run into the Beatles.
  • Tom Wilson, Biff from Back to the Future will be playing Nate’s estranged father.

The Toys That Made Us

  • A third season is coming to Netflix with episodes centered around Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Wrestling Toys, and My Little Pony.


  • They are currently in the midst of production on season 2.
  • Darkwing Duck and other “Disney in the Afternoon” characters will be returning.
  • There are “Disney in the Afternoon” characters who have appeared in the show already, that people haven’t caught.
  • They hope to use Chip and Dale at some point, but wouldn’t give any details past that.
  • Don Cheadle will be voicing Donald Duck at the end of this season.


  • This is Travis Knight’s live action directorial debut. He worked hard to establish an appealing aesthetic to Bumblebee.
  • They took a lot of inspirtation from the original Transformers designs.
  • We will see Cybertron in the film.
  • John Cena’s character is a villain, but he’s also not completely bad. He’s someone who has understandable reasons for doing what he does in the film.
  • Optimus Prime does cameo.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • The series is returning in reboot form with plans for a black actress to play the titular heroine.
  • Joss Whedon will executive produce with Monica Owusu-Breen working as showrunner and head writer.

American Horror Story

  • The new season has been confirmed as a cross over between the worlds of Season 1 and 3, aka Murder House and Coven.
  • The Subtitle for the new season will be Apocalypse.


  • The new season will take place in space and be titled, Archer: 1999.


  • Annabelle 3 will be coming to theaters in the summer of 2019 and will be directed by Gary Dauberman, who wrote the first two Annabelle films, The Nun, and both IT films.
  • The film will see the evil doll awakening everything in the Warrens’ museum/garage, and setting their sights on their daughter Judy.

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