SDCC: Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse – Steinfeld, Johnson, Moore, Cage, Glenn and Mulaney!

The 2018 San Diego International Comic Con has come to a close but we still have TONS of news from the yearly event! At this year’s SDCC, Sony brought the cast and creators behind the upcoming Spider-Man animated film, Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse,  to Hall H to present footage from the film and some details on the upcoming flick. Co Directors Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti and Rodney Rothman were joined by cast members Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, and Hailee Steinfeld, as well as producer Chris Miller and writer/producer Phil Lord. The project began with Lord and Miller being asked by Sony to make an animated Spider-Man film, they agreed as long as they were able to use Miles Morales. In the Ultimate line of comics, Miles becomes Spider-Man after the Peter Parker of his universe is killed. The film begins with this story and expands from there.

Lord and Miller said that they wanted to tell the Spider-Man story in a refreshing way, and having Miles, a half black half Hispanic Spider-Man, as their lead was a big part of that. They also wanted to make it look like nothing audiences have ever seen before. As if they had stepped into a 3D version of a comic book. When it came down to casting, they had been fans of Shameik for a while, between his role in the film Dope, and previous auditions with the actor. They also stated that Moore is a real life Miles Morales so the casting fit in every way possible.

Image via Sony

Moore stated that he was incredibly excited to be the “black Spider-Man.” He said that this was a huge dream of his, and told a story about working on the film Dope. While they were filming they had been doing a lot of reading and gaining insight on things like positive energy, and the book The Secret. One of the other cast members gave him a journal to write in and the first thing he wrote was, “I am Miles Morales,” on the front page. And on the back he wrote, “I am Spider-Man.” And now he’s Miles Morales, Spider-Man.

Johnson talked about his version of Peter Parker, who is in his 40’s, has a bad back, and is unsure if he wants to be Spider-Man. He’s “chubby Peter Parker,” and the charm of being Spider-Man has worn out. Miles comes to him asking for help and he doesn’t want to be a mentor, but Miles is too persistent. He also sees in Miles something that he used to see in himself. Moore said that while Miles doesn’t really wants the powers he understand the responsibility that comes with them. Steinfeld said that she’s excited to be portraying a female superhero. She explained Gwen as someone who is the “smartest toughest, and coolest person in the room and knows it.

Lord and Miler explained that the three characters are al born out of tragedy. That each of them have gone through something terrible, and they find solace in one another. There’s this chance to finally have someone who understands what they go through. The directors talked about the fact that the heart of the film is Miles’ family, and what that means to him. That the film has been incredibly ambitious both for telling a new Spider-Man story, and doing it in this way. But that there is strength in the moral of Spider-Man, the idea of responsibility coming with power. They hoped that the film could bring something new to audiences. They hope the film expands on what animation can be.

Image via Sony

They showed some footage towards the end of the panel which began with Miles reacting to getting bitten by the radioactive spider. His clothes don’t fit, he feels off, his hand gets stuck on Gwen’s hair and she has to have it shaved off by the school nurse. He learns about Spider-Man’s death and goes to Peter Parker’s grave. There he meets this new Peter Parker. He’s freaked out at first, and they end up running as cops head their way. They hook web onto a subway which drags them through New York, and Peter is knocked unconscious.

Peter wakes up webbed to a punching bag, and is interrogated by Miles, as he’s supposed to be dead. There’s some action cuts which reveal Kingpin who is hunting down the different versions of Spider-Man. Peter and Miles are being chased through a lab and Gwen saves them, revealing that she’s from another universe. There’s some more action beats with Lizard chasing Spider-Man through downtown. Peter, Miles and Gwen head into a “Spider Cave” where they meet Spider-Man Noir voiced by Nicholas Cage, Peni Parker voice by Kimiko Glenn, and Spider-Ham voiced by John Mulaney.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will hit theaters on December 14th. Keep following Poor Man’s Spoiler for more updates on all the big news to come out of SDCC 2018!

Image via Sony

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