SDCC: Wonder Woman 1984 – Panel and Footage Desciption

The 2018 San Diego International Comic Con has come to a close but we still have TONS of news from the yearly event! Director Patty Jenkins and stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine were on hand for a quick panel for Wonder Woman 1984.

The new film, which hits theaters fall of next year, sees the return of Diana Prince as she fights her most well known foe Cheetah, portrayed by Kristen Wiig. Somehow, Steve Trevor will be appearing in the film as well. But how that happens, was not yet revealed. Jenkins did state that he has a very important role in the film. But honestly that could just mean he’s a hallucination that Diana has to come to terms with.

Panel moderator Aisha Tyler asked Jenkins what made her want to choose the 80’s period for this film. She said that one of the things she enjoyed about the first film was the period setting. That in being a period piece it also helps create a sort of metaphor for humanity at times. The first film was about modernization and the growth of industrialization. This is about humanity at its most extreme. The 80’s saw us at a beautiful and elegant point, but also brought things like the Cold War, horrible things we never thought would end.

Image via WB/DC

They showed a small bit of footage from the film, but admitted they didn’t have much as they were only three and a half weeks into production with 20 weeks left of filming. The footage began with a scene of Diana in her full Wonder Woman gear facing off against two thugs at a mall. She tosses a young girl to the side to keep her safe, throwing her into a giant teddy bear. She then fights the men and crushes their guns in her hands. The scene ends with her capturing them with her lasso. It then cut to the logo for the film before one more scene, which seemed unfinished, of Diana running through the streets. She seemed to be running so fast that it was almost as if she was floating in the air.

After the footage Jenkins, Gadot and Pine took a few questions from the audience. One fan asked about the way the history of the character and social influence play into the film. Gadot said that while she did read comics after getting the role, her biggest influence is always the script. Pine stated that for him it was all rooted in Steve falling in love with Diana, and that love bringing out the best in him. He also stated that Lyle Waggoner, who played Steve Trevor in the 70’s TV show, was friends with his dad. Jenkins said that for her it’s all about the fact that Wonder Woman is someone everyone, no matter their background, relates to and sees themselves in. She also said that she took a lot of influence from the original version of the character, which was just a wonderful, caring, good person.

Image via WB/DC

They were asked about the pressure to make this film, and admitted that there was even more pressure from themselves than what fans would place on them because they want it to be good. Jenkins also said that her reason for returning had nothing to do with money or creating a franchise. For her it was a desire to make excellent films. And already loving these characters, this world, and the people involved, she’s set out to make a singular good film. Relating to that, she also stated that this film isn’t as much of a sequel as it is a completely new story. A completely new chapter for these characters.

The idea of it being separate and a completely new story and chapter may be one of the best things to come out of the DCEU. DC and WB have had a hard time figuring out their DC Superhero films. Wonder Woman was a huge success. But they seem to have forgotten one of the elements that helped make the Dark Knight Trilogy so fantastic. It never relied on the other films. Batman Begins, ended with the potential for a sequel but was self contained. The Dark Knight worked perfectly on its own, even if you hadn’t seen Begins, and didn’t need a sequel. The Dark Knight Rises did play more as a follow up to Dark Knight, but on top of closing the trilogy it can still be enjoyed on its own. And understood on its own. Some of the Marvel films haven’t been the best at that. And while DC wants to have Marvel’s success they’re better at following what they know works. Creating singular good films. Hopefully Wonder Woman 1984 is exactly that.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters November 1st 2019. Keep following Poor Man’s Spoiler for more updates on all the big news to come out of SDCC 2018!

Image via WB/DC

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