SDCC: Shazam – Trailer, Images and Panel Details

The 2018 San Diego International Comic Con has come to a close but we still have TONS of news from the yearly event! The DC universe is adding another cinematic superhero to its ranks when Shazam hits theaters next year. Cast members Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer were joined by Director F. Sandberg in a panel hosted by Aisha Tyler. The group talked about making the film and revealed the first footage from the upcoming flick. Check out the trailer below followed by some details about the film from the panel.


Sandberg explained that even though he comes from a horror background he always tried to insert fun moments into his films, and this was just expanding on that. When asked about casting Zach he said that they had gone through over a hundred audition tapes, but Zach won them over by playing the role as more enthusiastic than dumb. Where most people when playing a kid, try to dumb themselves down, Zach was just a fun and enthusiastic person. Aisha has been friends with Zach for years and admitted that that’s who he is in real life and it felt fitting.

One girl in the audience asked if there was potential for Isis, a superhero based on the Egyptian Goddess, could appear in a Shazam film after recently being introduced in the TV series Legends of Tomorrow. In the 70’s the two heroes each had their own live action series as part of the “Shazam/Isis Power Hour.” The panel said they weren’t sure as it was “above their pay grade.” Another kid asked what it was like to be such a different hero from the rest of the DC superheroes, one that was more childish. Levi stated that what he loved about it is that Billy Batson is someone who loves having powers. He’s one of the few who does. And that’s something he still constantly wishes for everyday, that he’ll wake up and suddenly have super powers. So this whole experience was a dream come true. He also stated that he loved the optimism and heart of the character. That he’s someone who genuinely cares about other people. And that’s why the wizard Shazam, gives Billy these powers. “He sees the heart in him.”

Image via WB/DC

The biggest takeaway from the panel is that Zachary Levi was practically born to play this character. You can tell that he is loving every bit of it, and he gets it on over level. It’s the type of thing we’ve seen a lot with actors playing Spider-Man, where they gush about having wanted to play the role since they were kids. Levi is everything Shazam should be in real life, and his casting is going to make this film work.

Shazam hits theaters on April 5th. Keep following Poor Man’s Spoiler for more updates on all the big news to come out of SDCC 2018!

Image via WB/DCImage via WB/DCImage via WB/DCImage via WB/DCImage via WB/DCImage via WB/DCImage via WB/DCImage via WB/DCImage via WB/DCImage via WB/DCImage via WB/DCImage via WB/DCImage via WB/DCImage via WB/DCImage via WB/DC

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