SDCC: Invader Zim is Back!

The 2018 San Diego International Comic Con is in full swing and we’ve got all the big updates you want to hear about! Nickelodeon has been hard at work bringing back some of their most beloved franchises. This year already saw the return of Rocko’s Modern Life and Hey Arnold. The next Nicktoon up is the cult classic, Invader Zim! Check out the new teaser for the upcoming TV Movie, Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus below.


The new film will see Zim abandoned by the Almighty Tallest. When he discovers that the leaders of his home planet have no plans to come to Earth and see his success, he begins to fall apart. This meltdown gives his arch nemesis Dib an upper hand and he tries to take down Zim once and for all.

At the panel, creator and executive producer Jhonen Vasquez explained how the new movie came to be. After years of denying the possibility of a reboot or movie, Vasquez worked with Nickelodeon on a Ninja Turtles short back in 2016. Having just had a bad experience working with another company, and enjoying working with Nickelodeon again, Vasquez obliged when Nick asked about jumping back into Zim. Something they had been requesting for years thanks to fan interest.

Image via Nickelodeon

Vasquez explained that his goal with the film wasn’t to make anything more than another, longer, episode of Zim. Knowing how influential the show was to fans, he just wanted to come back and give them something he hopes they would enjoy. The entire original cast is returning for the film. No official release date has been set as of yet, as they are still working on finishing the film. But the film is likely to hit Nickelodeon within the next year.

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Image via Nickelodeon

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