SDCC: YouTube Renews Impulse, Sends Malfoy and Tonks to Space

The 2018 San Diego International Comic Con has begun, and we’re going to be covering the news breaking out from the SDCC all weekend! YouTube has recently expanded with YouTube Premium, a subscription service featuring original content. On top of the highly successful Karate Kid spin-off/sequel series, Cobra Kai, they’ve seen success with their sci-fi series Impulse. It was revealed at a panel for the show that the series was renewed for a second season. No details beyond that have dropped as of yet, as even the team behind the show were notified just before the panel.

Image via YouTube

YouTube is also preparing a new sci-fi series entitled Origin, starring Tom Felton (The Flash) and Natalia Tena (Game of Thrones). The series, set in the not too distant future, sees a group of potential colonists on the spaceship Origin, traveling to a new planet. When an asteroid hits the ship, the inhabitants of the ship must work together to survive. However their mission becomes more complicated when they discover that one of them isn’t what they appear to be.

At the panel for Origin it was revealed that the series is a sort of mix of sci-fi, horror, and drama. The show will be split with time on the ship, and flashbacks to each character’s time on Earth. Each episode will focus on a different character and explain why they decided to join the trip. In a sense, it almost sounds similar in structure to the show Lost. A show that had sci-fi and other elements, but at its heart was about the characters facing this ordeal. You can check out the trailer for the new series below.


Season one of Impulse is currently streaming on YouTube Premium. Origin hits the site later this fall. Keep following Poor Man’s Spoiler throughout the weekend for more updates on everything coming out of SDCC 2018!

Image via YouTube

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