Titans Trailer Revealed!

DC is prepping the release of their very own streaming service, DC Universe. The site will be home to Batman The Animated Series, the original Superman Films, the Live action Wonder Woman show starring Linda Carter, and much more.

On top of DC’s vast library of previously released material, multiple shows are being created as exclusives to the service. The biggest of which is Titans, a live action take on the Teen Titans group, produced by Arrow-verse Executive Producer Greg Berlanti. We finally have a trailer for the new series which you can check out below.

This trailer definitely shows off a much better show than some were anticipating. After some paparazzi photos from the set of the show were released, some people felt that the costumes for the show looked ridiculous. But this trailer presents the exact type of Teen Titans show that true fans should love. Which is no surprise. Berlanti has done an amazing job thus far with Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning. Hopefully he can continue that success here.

Image via DC Universe

The San Diego Comic Con is currently in full swing and while there isn’t a panel for the show, there is a chance that more details for the show may be released there. SDCC will have a panel for Young Justice: Outsiders, a third season of the fan favorite animated series. That show is one of the other DC Universe Originals planned for the streaming service. We’ll have more on that show, and everything else out of Comic Con this week, including any other details on Titans.

Keep following Poor Man’s Spoiler for all of our coverage on Titans, DC Universe, and the SDCC.

Image via DC Universe

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