Prelude to SDCC: DC Comics Superhero Films

In anticipation of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con we’re looking at everything we know will be there, some things that may show up, and what we know about the various projects thus far. The San Diego Comic Con is the biggest Pop Culture convention in the world, and many studios release new information on projects, new trailers, and much more over the five days of the convention. Today we’re taking a look at the DC Cinematic Universe panel and what all that may include.

This year is going to be an interesting year for DC. Marvel isn’t going to be there. If Fox shows up with X-Men they’re walking in with a hand up, asking the audience to give them a chance. But DC isn’t exactly in the best of shape either. Justice League, a movie that should have easily been a knockout blockbuster, was panned by fans and critics and made the least amount of money out of all their films since beginning the interconnected universe with Man of Steel.

Image via DC

There’s interest in Aquaman and Wonder Woman 2, and some light hype around Shazam. All of which are sure to have a panel, possibly some footage, and maybe entire casts there. But the big question is how much further do they go, and will it mean anything.

DC has done a very bad job recently of building up hype at Comic Con for nothing. They announced a huge slate of films, including Batman, Cyborg, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman, two Justice League films, and Suicide Squad. The movies were making decent money, but being panned by critics and fans. They scaled back a bit but still said that these plans were going to continue in different ways. But every few months we hear word that a film is getting a new director, or being rewritten, or it’s unclear where things are going. There’s no evidence that DC has their act together.

Image via DC

So DC has two options this year. They can try to continue doing what they’ve done in the past, and announce a huge plan that may or may not fall apart. Or they can stick to what they have. They can bring in Aquaman, Wonder Woman 2, and Shazam with a panel for each film and show footage that garners attention from the crowd in Hall H (the main hall at SDCC with the largest panels).

If DC wants to walk away from this Comic Con a winner, this is probably their best bet. Anything more is a gamble at this point, but this could really help things moving forward.

There’s bound to be at least a few new bits of info concerning new DC films coming our way. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on all of it!

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Image via DC

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