Prelude to SDCC: Netflix

In anticipation of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con we’re looking at everything we know will be there, some things that may show up, and what we know about the various projects thus far. The San Diego Comic Con is the biggest pop culture convention in the world, and many studios release new information on projects, new trailers, and much more over the five days of the convention. Today we’re taking a look at the Netflix panel and what it may include.

Netflix is rumored to have a presence at this year’s SDCC, but it’s not exactly clear what they’ll be bringing to the Con. There’s word that the recently revived series, Lucifer, will have a panel, but that will likely focus mostly on the recently ended third season. Given that the series has yet to begin production on season four, there’s not much for them to present looking forward aside from potential teasers. There has also been word that the streaming giant may bring Santa Clarita Diet to SDCC, but it’s not the biggest attention grabber.

Image via WB

As of now, our money is on a Stranger Things panel, which is incredibly likely given that production has begun on Season 3. The new season is expected to be released in 2019. While previous seasons were released late in the year, it’s likely we’ll see a spring release this time. Netflix and the powers that be behind the show have made it clear that they want to keep churning out seasons as quickly as they can, as the kids on the show are all growing up fast; it’s kind of hard to continue a story about kids when your kids aren’t kids anymore. So having a panel and an early 2019 release would make a lot of sense.

It’s unclear if Netflix will bring anything else to SDCC this year. There’s always a chance that they could announce other bigger projects along the lines of a film like Bright. In fact, they may even bring information on the planned sequel to Bright. I’d almost be interested in seeing Netflix announce a new large-scale genre project. With Disney creating their streaming service to rival Netflix, I think they could take what they’ve learned from Marvel and apply it to another popular property; what that could be is uncertain. Star Trek is at CBS All Access, Lord of the Rings is at Amazon, DC is about to launch its own streaming service, and Star Wars and Marvel are with Disney. The only major genre/nerd/geek properties that I can think of that Netflix could tap into are Doctor Who or Harry Potter, but both seem incredibly unlikely. That’s not to say the current Marvel shows will be leaving Netflix anytime soon, but I’m sure Netflix would love to have something that could contend with Disney.

Image via Netflix

There’s bound to be at least a few new bits of info concerning new Netflix projects coming our way. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on all of it!

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Image via Netflix

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