SDCC 2018: Why It Matters and What to Expect

You’ve probably heard of SDCC, but do you know what it actually is? The Sand Diego International Comic Con happens this week, and we’re giving you a rundown of what that means. (Portions of this article are from our SDCC rundown from 2017.)

The film industry has changed drastically over the past ten years for one very specific reason, Superheroes. In 2008, The Dark Knight and Iron Man were released in theatres, and blew audiences away world wide. This caused every studio to restructure their game plans in multiple ways, hoping to piggy back of the success of WB’s dark and gritty rebooted Batman franchise, and Marvel’s Shared Universe.

We’ve seen copy cats of both ideas thrown at the screen again and again. Some have seen success, such as the X-Men reboot, the Deadpool spinoff, Daniel Craig’s grittier Bond films (inspired by Batman Begins, the first film in the Dark Knight Trilogy). Some are uncertain, WB’s Godzilla/Kong Monster Universe, an in development Nicktoons film. And some are just failures, the Fantastic Four reboot, Universal’s new “Dark Universe” starring Tom Cruise, Terminator Genisys.

Hall H

Now due to this change in focus on Hollywood’s part, and the growing importance of the “hype machine.” There is a desire within Hollywood to entice fans to take these leaps with the studios. Which isn’t always easy, a Batman film with Heath Ledger as the Joker, a new Star Wars film directed by J.J. Abrams, or a Deadpool movie that won’t suck, were all slightly hard sells at first glance. But when fans were treated to sneak peaks at Comic-Con, they realized that these films were worth going to seeing, and were worth getting excited over. Leaked footage spreads like wildfire, concept art gets shared again and again on social media, and those films break records at the box office. Each studio is hoping to win over audiences, and get them to jump on the hype train for their upcoming projects.

Batman Superman Logo

In 2013, Zack Snyder came out at the end of the Warner Brothers panel and said thanks for the awesome response to Man of Steel, it’s official we’re going to make another Superman movie, and “there’s a single element… I can help you out with… we’re writing the thing now…” He introduced Harry Lennix to the stage, who read an excerpt from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, they shot up the Batman vs Superman Logo on the screen. Zack Snyder left and that was it. The whole thing was about 3 minutes long, the crowd went insane, and for months on end, it was the most hyped movie possible. Things blew up from there, DC eventually announced a full shared universe with Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, the Justice League and more to come. Even though many people didn’t like Batman vs Superman, the film still made over $800 million at the box office. Comic Con is the birthplace for fan interest. If it shows up there, people will track it, and most likely go to see it in droves. Studios know this, and plan accordingly.


Over the next few days we’ll be diving into what to expect from Comic Con this year. Who is showing up. What they may bring with them. Everything that is going to start the hype train for the next year or so.

There’s sure to be more reveals, surprises, and crazy developments over the next week as Comic-Con rolls out. The other thing to keep in mind is that even if a studio doesn’t have any sort of presence at Comic Con, there’s a good chance that they may announce things online over the weekend to battle the hype machines brewing in San Diego.

No matter what comes out of San Diego, we’ll be ready, and we’ll be here to share it all with you as quickly as we can. Be sure to follow Poor Man’s Spoiler all of this week for everything you need to know!

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