Westworld Walkthrough: S2E10 “The Passenger”

The hit HBO show Westworld is back for a second season. Each week we’re going to be walking through each new episode, and giving our thoughts on how thing played out. Fair warning we’re going to get into SERIOUS SPOILER territory here.

Where do we even begin. If you thought the season finale to the first season of Westworld was mind blowing (no pun intended), this season surpassed it. The park is finally stable, but nothing is ever going to be the same. Sizemore, Elsie and Charlotte are all dead. Ashley is still running security at the park. Just about everyone new that we met this season from Delos is dead. Emily/Grace, William’s daughter is dead. William is critically wounded, but still alive and missing some fingers for now.

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Felix and Sylvester are still working at the park. Maeve, Hector, Armistice, Clementine, Akecheta, Teddy and just about every single other host we know and love (or love to hate), is dead. Most of them having escaped to the “Sublime” the virtual heaven for the hosts. Which is now located in some safe place known only to Dolores. Dolores killed Bernard and escaped to the mainland, by putting her mind in a host version of Charlotte. She brought at least 5 “pearls” with her to help recreate hosts from the park.

On the mainland Dolores has recreated Bernard, and her original body and placed her mind within it. The host version of Charlotte is also still alive and working with Dolores. All of which means there’s still potentially at least three other hosts that Dolores plans to, or has recreated. Dolores knows that Bernard will try to stop her from wiping out humanity, but in a Professor X/Magneto way, decides that he must live. It’s a huge step forward for Dolores, as she spent most of the season willingly killing off hosts that didn’t abide by her views. But in realizing that true freedom means different ideas, and different viewpoints all working together, she’s willing to keep Bernard alive. For now.

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Honestly, there’s no telling where things go from here. Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, the two masterminds behind the show, have already indicated that the show will primarily focus on the hosts in the real world moving forward. That being said, they’ve also stated that our time in the park is not completely done. Which also leads into the post credits scene with William. Given everything we saw in this episode it’s clear that whatever this version of William is, a human, a host, a clone, some hybrid thing, this is separate from our full Season 2 timeline. This William keeps returning to this spot, “The Forge,” as his code (human or host) always leads him back there.

It’s unclear how long it will take the show to get to this point in the overall story. Whether it’s the end of season three or much further along in the show. But eventually it will get there. The other question here is why this is happening. If this takes place in the future, and we know that Grace is dead currently. Then this version of Grace is either a host, clone or hybrid. So why would they be recreating William? Do they need to use him to overthrow Delos and help move the hosts forward? Is Grace still actually alive somehow and trying to bring her father back to help save humanity somehow? There’s no telling which way this can lead.

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As for Maeve, this can’t be the last we’ve seen of her. Ford said that she had more to do here. And overall, she had some great moments in this episode, but really her biggest act was saving her daughter. We’ve seen Maeve fight again and again for two seasons for the freedom of the hosts. And Ford gave her more power than any other host has had thus far. (Aside from maybe Clementine at the end.) If her story was literally just to save her daughter, it’s admirable and compelling, but it feels like we’re missing out on a lot of potential here. Maeve has the ability to be a really great force moving forward. Someone between Bernard and Dolores. Someone that can help tip the scales one way or another.

There’s a chance that Dolores could be planning to recreate Maeve on the mainland. But I’d almost be more inclined to believe that somehow, she could come back within the park. That if the park succeeds, and Felix and Sylvester help to bring her back, that she could have her mind returned to her somehow. That’s the major point of the show overall, that these hosts can remember and do more than what they’re programed for. That they are evolving. If Maeve can be brought back online, I’m incredibly inclined to believe that she will return to her former glory.

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The final note to take in here for now, and something that we didn’t even fully catch at first. Ashley is a host. We had our assumptions that he would end up potentially siding with the hosts, and helping them move forward. But his interaction with Char-lores, helped to fully declare where he stands. That he was created by Ford to help keep things organized in the park. Help keep the hosts in line. And honestly it makes so much sense, Ford would need a fail safe in all of this. One last key to make sure everything happened as he planned it to. And Ashley is the best possible option, because no one is going to question the head of security. It’s going to be incredibly interesting to see how his character evolves from here. And I have to say, this definitely has to mean that we will return to the park in some capacity in the future. You don’t reveal something this big, and then just leave it there.

There’s still a lot of questions to be had with this show. What are the other three parks? Where exactly is the park located? What exactly happened to the Guest information? Who will Dolores recreate? What happens next to William? What does the post credits scene truly mean? What happens to the park now? Sadly we won’t have any answers for a while, as the team behind the show is still developing the story for Season three. Which means we’ll probably have to wait at least another year until we get to return to Westworld. Until then, at least we can comb through the first two season to find clues for where things move forward. But it’s definitely going to be a long wait for now.

Keep following Poor Man’s Spoiler for all of our Westworld coverage. You can watch both seasons of the show on HBO Go and HBO Now as well as the HBO subscriptions via Hulu and Amazon. Thanks for joining us this season.

Image via HBOImage via HBO

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