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Deadpool 2: Spoiler-Free Review

The Merc with a Mouth is back! Deadpool 2 has officially hit theaters, and brought the much loved homicidal mutant back in a big way. A lot of people wondered if the superhero sequel could live up to the first film, and overall, we think it surpassed it.

The first Deadpool film was all about Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) finding Ajax aka Francis, and fixing his looks (after being horribly disfigured thanks to a forced mutation experiment gone wrong) so his girlfriend Vanessa would love him. Not realizing that his disfigured features couldn’t be fixed and that Vanessa loved him for more than his good looks. The film was filled with the titular anti-hero breaking the fourth wall (talking to the audience), boat loads of pop culture references, a mountain of violence and dead bodies, vulgar language in almost every other line, and easter eggs a plenty. Deadpool 2 gives you all of that and more.

The sequel is filed with much more action, even more references and easter eggs, some phenomenal cameos, surprise characters, and a great arch for Deadpool. There’s a much better emotional core to the film, while the first film relied on Wade’s focus on his looks, this film is all about him dealing with true loss. We won’t get into the details of what pushes him forward as it’s slightly spoilery but it definitely gives the film a lot more weight.

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The film also does a fantastic job of using it’s characters in a very balanced way and effective way. Even with the introduction of the new characters in the film, it never feels like it’s overstuffed, which is an issue seen in a lot of other superhero films. Each character has a very distinct and relevant purpose within the film. There are a few characters who are obviously put into the film simply for jokes, and even those work perfectly and lead to some pretty hilarious moments.

Cable is amazing. Josh Brolin completely brings it all to the film. He is a fantastic antagonist for Deadpool. And in a film that gives more emotional depth to the wise cracking mercenary, Cable is the perfect emotionally driven “villain.” Cable may be attempting to do something evil throughout the film, but his motivations are understandable and something that everyone can relate to. Francis was a rather two dimensional villain in the first film, an evil guy doing evil things, with no real purpose behind it other than he’s evil. And that worked well for the film. But Cable’s own emotional weight, elevates the film greatly.

The cameos in the film are insanely perfect and hilarious. There are a lot of surprise appearances in the film, and some you may not even catch after the first viewing. But not a single one is used seriously. Each one is a sort of a punchline to a joke, and it works amazingly well.

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Deadpool 2 not only gives us more of what was great about the first film, but elevates everything in a way that a lot of sequels tend to fail at. The stakes are higher, the Deadpool Universe is expanded, the characters are all given more layers. It’s everything you would want in a sequel and more. Even the score is fantastic, there’s one piece that includes a chorus which honestly made me laugh as much as the jokes in the film. There’s a few moments in the film where the CGI doesn’t feel as great as it was in the first film. But it’s not enough to take away anything from the film. And those moments are very few and far between.

I highly recommend seeing Deadpool 2 as soon as possible. It’s action packed, hilarious, has some heart to it, and works on every single level. Even if you didn’t like the first film, there’s so much in this film that I think it’ll be hard to find someone who doesn’t love it in some way. Also, there’s a few great moments and cameos that you won’t want spoiled. Also, stay through the credits, because this may be the best “post credits scene” ever created…

We give Deadpool 2 a 9.5/10.

Image via 20th Century Fox

Image via 20th Century Fox

Image via 20th Century Fox

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