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Bickering with Brockett: Infinity War Spoiler free Review

(Today we bring you a new review on Avengers: Infinity War as part of a new feature from our writer Eric Brockett, “Bickering with Brockett!” You can read his previous work here. Eric has a unique voice and admittedly, is much more critical than I tend to be. So his insight into things is always a welcome and refreshing  change of pace. We hope you enjoy!)

If the last article that Lancaster was gracious enough to post didn’t give you a clue, or if you have never met me in person; I’m kind of a nit-picky overly critical ass-hat and/or the worst Bob Ross (the character, not the person) impersonator ever. So, I went into this movie fully expecting it to be a garbled mess of incoherent nonsense with lots of pretty lights and just enough semblance of a plot to get to a halfway point and rake in more money next year with Thanos sized hands.

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It’s not that I wanted it to be bad by any means, it’s just the odds were heavily weighed against them. They have 2 hours and 29 minutes to weave all the movies across the franchise, provide ample screen time to the absurd number of actors involved, not kill it with bad CGI, not go over budget, etc.

I was wrong. It’s pretty good and a ton of fun.

The Russo Brothers and screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, manage to do with 40 characters what a lot of movies can’t do with an eighth of that: get me to care and not bore me to death. The greatest accomplishment is not only how they managed to devote enough time to Thanos to make him an understandable adversary while giving us enough of the heroes to remind us they exist, but how faithful everyone seemed to the identities of the characters we were introduced to through other directors and even other writers. Nothing anyone said felt out of place.

More than that, they learned from past films that kicked you in the gut and then told a joke. This movie allowed you to feel. Although an over-bloated movie, it didn’t allow itself to forget that this is a movie about people, albeit super beings but people nonetheless. Over the last decade, we’ve grown with these characters, so it was nice to see them allow us to empathize with their hardships or revelations without the fear of David Hasselhoff making a surprise cameo.

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Speaking of growing over a decade, Thanos was worth the wait. Josh Brolin was imposing, demented, and cruel while simultaneously being  honest, charismatic, and oddly caring. Whereas some other villains are evil for the sake of being evil, Thanos is one of the well written villains who sees himself as a martyr for a cause that most supporters of eugenics would agree with.

The only real issue I had with the movie was the ending. Not to delve into it, but I’ll just say the stakes could have been higher and the validity of their choice seems to be more aligned with their pocket books than with creating a more meaningful and impactful experience.

Going forward, I’m interested to see how this all plays out, especially in the television universe that was woefully not present in the film. I would place this film in the upper echelon of Marvel films, in contention with the Winter Soldier, Black Panther, and Spider-man 2.

If you are looking for summer, this Blockbuster is bringing it to you despite what Phil may say.

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Written by Eric Brockett
(Eric is a millennial and thus thinks his opinion on the internet matters. Sometimes he has opinions on films too. He thinks people care. He knows they don’t.)

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