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Infinity War: The Soul Stone and the Surprising Cameo Leading to It

Now that Avengers: Infinity War has hit theaters we have a lot to talk about. The first thing we’re going to tackle is one of the biggest surprises in the Marvel film, a cameo almost no one saw coming. We’re getting into MAJOR SPOILERS here, so be warned if you haven’t seen the film.

For years Marvel fans have been wondering where the Soul Stone was, when all of the other Infinity Stones have been rather clearly identified. It turns out that all the theories on it’s location didn’t even come close to it’s actual reveal. Gamora ends up leading Thanos to the planet of Vormir, where none other than Captain America: The First Avenger villain, Red Skull is guarding the stone. He reveals to Thanos that a sacrifice must be made to obtain the stone, and Thanos kills Gamora to get it.

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The reveal of Red Skull is a little surprising for multiple reasons. One, Hugo Weaving, who played the character in First Avenger, has been very vocal about not wanting to return to the role. Two, most fans assumed that when Red Skull was pulled out of his ship at the end of the first Cap film, he was dead. Three, there was no indication that Red Skull would ever return to the MCU.

While Weaving didn’t return for Infinity War, The Walking Dead actor Ross Marquand portrayed the villain. To be honest I never would have guessed it wasn’t Weaving. Marquand does a great job picking up where Weaving left off. There’s no word as of yet if he’ll be returning again in any capacity, but you have to wonder if any future films may explain how he got to Vormir and his role as the “Stone-keeper.” Red Skull has always been a huge staple of the Marvel Comics, and it’d almost be a shame to see him not come back again. It’s also not too surprising that Red Skull survived, as most people who die from the Tesseract or any other stone, tend to explode or something along those lines. But when Red Skull was taken by the tesseract it almost seemed as if he was pulled into space. Which makes sense given the way the space stone works.

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As for the Soul Stone itself, it may be the key to bringing back the heroes who died at the end of the film. When Thanos sees a young Gamora just after he snaps his fingers, and she asks what it cost him to achieve all he has done, there’s a good chance that they’re in the “pocket universe” known as the Soulworld. In the comics anyone whose soul is taken by the Soul Stone gets sent to this Universe. If that was the key to wiping out half of the Universe, then everyone may just be trapped inside the stone. So the question becomes, how do the remaining Avengers get them all out of the Soulworld inside the Stone? Will they have to sacrifice themselves to do so? It wouldn’t be surprising.

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters now! You can read our Spoiler-Free Review here, and our full review with Spoilers here.

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