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Countdown to Infinity: MCU Timeline Pt. 8 2012 (Avengers Assemble)

Leading up to the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, we’re taking a look back at every element of the MCU thus far in our series, Countdown to Infinity! This film is the culmination of everything that began with the first Iron Man film in 2008, and so we want to prepare you for what may be the biggest film of all time. We’re diving into all 18 films released thus far, and every other aspect of the MCU as a whole. As part of our Countdown To Infinity Series We’ll also be looking at the full MCU timeline. We continue today with a look at the history of the MCU leading into the events of Phase 1, from 1980-1999!

At this point in the MCU, we’ve seen the birth of Wakanda, Steve Rogers turn into Captain America and sacrifice himself to take down hydra, Peggy Carter help build SHIELD, and Arnim Zola secretly build Hydra within SHIELD. The MCU moves on with the birth of almost every major player in the MCU. (And Cap still frozen in ice.)

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January 9th

  • Phil Coulson begs Fury to shut down Project TAHITI.

January 19th

  • Hawkeye disguises himself and breaks into the helicarrier to make Black Widow think he’s stealing information on the Avengers Initiative as part of a training mission.

February 8th

  • War Machine fights the Ten Rings and their allies in Northern Sudan and Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.

February 10th-19th

  • Black Widow is sent on a mission to find stolen Stark Industries technology. She is almost killed, but saved by Agent Coulson. She then discovers that an Australian nillionaire named Richard Frampton created a missile for the Ten Rings that they planned to set off at the border of Russia and North Korea. She ends up destroying the missile and Frampton is killed.

February 29th

  • Chad Davis explodes from an Extremis malfunction in Rose Hill, Tennessee. Five others are killed in the explosion.

April 1st

  • An Extremis subject explodes and Aldrich Killian manipulates the situation to make it appear as a bombing by the Mandarin, the leader of the Ten Rings.

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April 22nd

  • Robbie Reyes is in a deadly car accident with his brother Gabe. They are pulled from the car by Johnny Blaze, a Ghost Rider. Blaze turns Robbie into the next Ghost Rider to save his life.

April 30th

  • After months of being tortured by the other and then taught by Thanos how to master Mind Control with the power of the Mind Infinity Stone, Loki makes a deal with Thanos to retrieve the Tesseract from Earth.
  • Frigga uses her powers to attempt to find and attempt to communicate with Loki mentally, but he does not respond. She tells Thor and Odin that Loki is still alive.

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May 1st

  • Loki Arrives on Earth, takes control of Hawkeye and multiple other SHIELD agents with the Mind Infinity Stone and steals the Tesseract.
  • Heimdall sees Loki’s actions and informs Odin and Thor.

May 2nd

  • Shield moves Jane Foster to Tromso, Norway.
  • Natasha Romanoff recruits Bruce Banner.
  • Nick Fury asks Steve Rogers for his help finding the Tesseract.
  • Phil Coulson recruits Tony Stark to help find the Tesseract and Loki.

May 3rd

  • Cap, Black Widow, and Banner all meet on the Helicarrier.
  • A second “Mandarin bombing” occurs.
  • Cap and Iron Man meet as they take on Loki in Germany while Hawkeye steals some Iridium to help stabilize the Tesseract. They capture Loki.
  • The planet of Vanaheim is attacked by the Marauders
  • Thor shows up and attempts to take Loki, but is stopped by Cap and Iron Man.
  • The Avengers all meet on the Helicarrier.

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May 4th

  • Early on May 4th Black Widow interrogates Loki.
  • Steve Rogers finds Hydra weapons on the Helicarrier.
  • The Avengers all argue with one another and Fury.
  • Loki’s men attack the Helicarrier. He escapes, Banner turns into Hulk and falls from the Helicarrier, Thor is sent falling to Earth in Loki’s cell.
  • Loki begins his attack on New York.
  • Tony asks Rhodey to come help fight Loki, but he’s caught in a battle with the Ten Rings.
  • World Security Council sends a missile to destroy Loki and his Chitauri army.
  • Iron Man flies the missile into the wormhole, destroying the Chitauri mothership which kills all of Loki’s soldiers.
  • Loki is apprehended by the Avengers.
  • The Avengers take a beat and get some Shawarma for lunch.
  • Loki’s Scepter containing the Mind Infinity Stone is taken to be studied by SHIELD scientists.
  • Thor takes Loki back to Asgard, and the Avengers part ways.

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May 5th

  • Tony Stark and Pepper Potts begin plans for turning the Stark Tower into the Avengers main headquarters, renamed Avengers Tower.
  • Toomes Salvage Company begins cleaning the wreckage caused from the Battle for New York. They are stopped by a woman from the Department of Damage Control, overseen by Tony Stark, and Toomes’ business is destroyed. Toomes decides to go into Black Market work.
  • The Other tells Thanos that after the defeat of Loki it’s clear that battling the Avengers would be equal to courting Death.
  • Odin sentences Loki to eternal imprisonment in the Asgardian Dungeons.
  • Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis arrive in New York looking for Thor, when they are informed by Erik Selvig that he has left Earth Jane gives up her research to find him.
  • Heimdall and Thor use the Tesseract to rebuild the Bifrost Bridge.
  • Tony Stark begins making the Iron Legion, an army of Iron Man suits, to cope with his PTSD from the Battle for New York.

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May 7th

  • Nick Fury orders SHIELD scientists to begin work to revive Coulson under Project TAHITI.
  • Benjamin Pollack and his girlfriend Claire Wise find a broken Chitauri weapon, Pollack fixes the weapon and they begin using it to rob banks across the country.

May 9th

  • Phil Coulson is fully revived through Project TAHITI. When he comes to, he begs the scientists to let him die. The scientists give him false memories of vacationing in Tahiti so he doesn’t remember the procedure.

May 16th

  • Agent Jasper Sitwell catches Pollack and Wise and invites them to join SHIELD.

May 17th

  • Pollack and Wise officially join shield, with Pollack working in an R&D think tank, and Wise working as an assistant to SHIELD Agent Felix Blake.



June 1st

  • To help continue covering up the explosions of the Extremis subjects, Aldrich Killian hires actor Trevor Slattery to pose as the Mandarin, the leader of the Ten Rings.

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June 3rd

  • Slattery has plastic Surgery to disguise himself, and prevent anyone from recognizing him when releasing the Mandarin videos threatening the US and Tony Stark.

June 4th

  • Steve Rogers becomes the face of and records videos for multiple patriotic campaigns, include a high school fitness challenge, a video for detention in schools, and a video on patience.

June 5th

  • The third Mandarin bombing Occurs.

July 8th

  • The fourth Mandarin bombing occurs.

June 12th

  • While working for VIstacorp, a home security company, Scott Lang steals $4 million which he returns to customers the company had been defrauding. He also steals from his boss Geoff Zorick and drives Zorick’s car into the pool at his mansion.

June 15th

  • Scott Lang is caught and is given a five year sentence in San Quentin prison for his crimes.

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August 9th to August 12th

  • The fifth Mandarin bombing occurs on August 9th.
  • Tony and Rhodey fight a villain named the Melter, who has designed his own weapon suit which can melt through the Iron Man and War Machine Armor.

September 10th

  • The sixth Mandarin Bombing occurs.

October 13th

  • The seventh Mandarin Bombing occurs.

November 15th

  • The eighth Mandarin Bombing occurs.

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December 17th

  • The Mandarin bombs the Ali Al Salem Air Base.
  • War Machine receives a patriotic paint job and is renamed “Iron Patriot.”

December 18th

  • Tony Stark tests out his Mark XLII Armor.

December 19th

  • The TCL Chinese Theatre is blown up when Jack Taggart succumb to the effects of Extremis, and explodes. Happy Hogan is there and is severely injured.

December 20th

  • After visiting Happy in the hospital, Tony threatens the Mandarin while talking to the press, after the Mandarin takes responsiblity for the explosion.

December 22nd

  • The Mandarin blows up Tony’s Mansion, Tony flies out in his Mark XLII armor.

December 23rd

  • After arriving in Rose Hill, TN, Tony befriends a kid named Harley Keener.
  • Tony and Harley work to repair the Iron Man armor, Tony learns the truth behind the Mandarin “bombings,” and Mandarin agents Ellen Brandt and Eric Savin arrive in Tennessee and attack Tony.

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December 24th

  • Tony traces the Mandarin to Miami and goes to his compound.
  • Tony learns that the “Mandarin” is really a front for the Extremis program by Maya Hansen and Aldrich Killian.
  • Killian kills Hansen, then kidnaps President Ellis & Pepper Potts.
  • Vice President Rodriguez is exposed as a puppet for Killian.

December 25th

  • Tony and Rhodey save the President & Pepper and take down Killian with the help of he Iron Legion.

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December 27th

  • Tony has heart surgery and finally has the arch reactor and the shrapnel removed from his heart.

We’ll stop there for now. The MCU rolls on from here, with the birth of the youngest Avenger and the creation of the Hulk.

Keep Following Poor Man’s Spoiler all this week as we continue our Countdown to Infinity Series covering everything that has led to Avengers: Infinity War! And be sure to see the movie when it hits theaters tonight!

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