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Countdown To Infinity: MCU Timeline Pt. 2 – 1900 to WW2

Leading up to the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, we’re taking a look back at every element of the MCU thus far in our series, Countdown to Infinity! This film is the culmination of everything that began with the first Iron Man film in 2008, and so we want to prepare you for what may be the biggest film of all time. We’ll dive into all 18 films released thus far, each of the TV series that are considered part of the MCU, and a selection of other shorts and comics considered canon within the MCU. As part of our Countdown To Infinity Series We’ll also be looking at the full MCU timeline. We continue today with a look at the history of the MCU leading into the events of Phase 1, from 1900 to World War 2!

At this point in the MCU, Asgard has risen to power as a sort of guiding and guarding force within the universe. Establishing peace within the nine realms and keeping the Space and Reality stones safe from those that would use them for evil purposes. The Power stone has also been locked away inside a temple on the planet of Morag. On Earth, the country of Wakanda has been settled, and the first Black Panther has taken the title of King of Wakanda.


1901 – Death of President McKinley

A secret organization of Businessmen and Politicians known as The Council of Nine orchestrates the death of President McKinley.

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1918 – Rogers Family

In May of 1918, Joseph Rogers is killed in a mustard gas attack while serving in the 107th infantry during WW1. On July 4th his son, Steve Rogers, would be born to his widow Sarah.

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1929 – Wall Street Crash

The Council of Nine, led by Thomas Gloucester, orchestrates the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

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1930 – Super Soldier Serum

On January 10th, Abraham Erskine begins researching a Super Soldier Serum. On September 15th of that year, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers meet and quickly become best friends.

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1933 – Search for the Tesseract

Johann Schmidt begins his search for the Tesseract, aka the Space Infinity Stone.

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1934 – Schmidt Joins the SS

In February of ’34, Johann Schmidt begins working under Heinrich Himmler for the Nazi regime. That June he kills Ernst Kaufmann and takes over the weapons program. In July, Schmidt recruits Arnim Zola to join his team.

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1935 – Schmidt takes Erskine

Abraham Erskine attempts to flee Germany and is taken by Schmidt to work on the Super Soldier Serum. His wife and children are sent to a concentration camp.

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1936 – Rogers Family

In October of 1936 Sarah Rogers dies, leaving behind her son Steve. After her funeral Bucky offers for Steve to move in with him, but he rejects the offer. Bucky tells Steve he’s with him “til the end of the line.”

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1937 – Red Room

The Soviet Union begins training young girls to become master assassins, a program which would become known as Red Room.

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1939 – Stark Industries

Howard Stark founds the company that will be his legacy, Stark Industries.

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1940 – SSR is Born

After being attacked by Hydra during a demonstration on Vibranium, Howard Stark decides to join the SSR.

After her brother is killed in the War, Peggy Carter calls of her engagement to Fred Wells, joins MI5 and is soon after loaned to the SSR as an advisor.

Abraham Erskine injects Johann Schmidt with the prototype Super Soldier Serum, the result gives Schmidt extraordinary abilities, but deforms Schmidt in the process, turning him into the Red Skull.

Shortly after Schmidt has turned into Red Skull, Erskine is saved by Peggy Carter. He joins the SSR and works with Howard Stark to perfect the Super Soldier Serum.

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1941 – War Times

Howard Stark joins the team for the Manhattan Project.

The Rebirth Chamber, which will be used to help create Super Soldiers is finished and Colonel Philips begin presenting Erskine with potential candidates.

Steve Rogers is rejected repeatedly from service.

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1942 – Extraterrestrial

Johann Schmidt discovers the Tesseract in Tonsberg, Norway.

Hydra discovers a deceased blue Alien body in the deserts of North Africa, a Kree.

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1943 – Captain America

While attending the World Exposition of Tomorrow (what would become the Stark Expo), with Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers attempts to enlist in the Army for the fifth time and is accepted into Project Rebirth by Abraham Erskine.

Steve is trained under the supervision of Colonel Phillips, Agent Peggy Carter and Erskine.

Steve is selected for Project rebirth and undergoes the transformation into a Super Soldier. After the process is completed, Erskine is killed by a Hydra Agent named Heinz Kruger. Steve chases after, and captures Kruger. But Kruger takes a cyanide pill hidden in his mouth, killing himself.

Steve joins a USO tour, and becomes a symbol for America’s involvement in the war.

Schmidt decides to lead Hydra out from under the Nazi regime, making Hydra it’s own powerful entity under his rule.

While on tour with the USO, Steve learns that Bucky is being held as a POW by Hydra. He rescues Bucky and a large group of Allied Forces.

During the rescue mission Steve and Schmidt meet for the first time, and Schmidt reveals his true face as the Red Skull. Schmidt blows up the facility and gets away.

Cap and Bucky join with a group of soldiers from the POW group, a group that will come to be known as the Howling Commandos. Together they begin to take out Hydra Bases.

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1945 – Fall of Captain America

Hydra discovers ajuytrfdsxzqawsdecvbnmpoiuytxzn ancient Kree artifact left on Earth called the Obelisk. It’s true powers are not yet known.

During the mission to capture Arnim Zola on a Hydra train, Bucky is thrown from the train and falls into a river, presumably dead.

Arnim Zola is captured by Gabe Jones and interrogated by Colonel Phillips.

Captain America and the Howling Comandos attack and dismantle the main Hydra Base in Austria.

The Red Skull Escapes on the Valkyrie aircraft bomber. Captain America boards the bomber, they fight and Schmidt is seemingly killed by the tesseract. The Tesseract falls into the ocean. Cap flies the Valkrie into the Arctic shelf to prevent it from bombing the US. Freezing himself in a watery grave for now.

After the defeat of Schmidt, Hydra begins to fall apart.

We’ll stop there for now. The MCU rolls on from here, with the birth of just about all of the Avengers, the rebirth of Hydra, and some significant events that with affect the Marvel heroes later in life.

Keep Following Poor Man’s Spoiler all this week as we continue our Countdown to Infinity Series covering everything that has led to Avengers: Infinity War! And be sure to see the movie when it hits theaters this Friday!

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Keep Following Poor Man's Spoiler all this week as we continue our Countdown to Infinity Series covering everything that has led to Avengers: Infinity War! And be sure to see the movie when it hits theaters this Friday! You can Check Out all of our previous Countdown to Infinity coverage here: Iron Man The Incredible Hulk Iron Man 2 Thor Captain America: The First Avenger MCU Timeline Part 1 The Birth of the MCU


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