Black Panther Reigns Supreme At The Box Office

We haven’t had a chance to cover it much, but over the past month Black Panther has done some amazing work at the box office. Today we’re going to take a look at the multiple records the film has broken and where it’s headed in the future.

Black Panther hit theatres on February 16th and over the course of it’s opening weekend, took home $202 million. That gave the film the 5th all time best opening weekend at the US box office. Which is even more impressive when you consider the four in front of it are Star Wars Episodes 7 & 8, Jurassic World and The Avengers. All of which are films that were in the middle of franchises with well established characters. Sure you could make an argument for Blank Panther’s involvement in Captain America: Civil War. But the characters role in that film was minimal. For a film to truly debut a character fully, and have the 5th biggest opening weekend of all time is astounding.

Since then the film has opened worldwide and has grown to a Box Office total of $1,243,514,940. With $635,634,080 coming from the Domestic Box Office totals and $607,880,860 coming from Foreign Box Office totals. That is incredible. As of now it has made almost ten million more stateside than the Avengers, making it the highest grossing Superhero film domestically. It holds the record for the highest single day gross for a Monday for taking in $40.15 million on 2/19. It also beat out Deadpool as the highest opening weekend in February, making almost $60 million more than that solo venture.

The film has broken all of those record while only being in theatres for 6 weeks, five of which it held the number one spot at the box office. Again, amazing. And the film doesn’t seem to be losing steam with people going back to see the movie again and again, and the film continuing to get positive word of mouth. As of now it looks like Black Panther may take a bit of a dip this weekend due to Steven Spielberg’s Nostalgia heavy, Ready Player One hitting theatres. But that being said, the film is sure to still land in the top 3-5 at this weekend’s box office. Overall there’s a good chance that over the next month the film could take in another $100-200 million worldwide and considering the fact that it’s only about $275 million behind the first Avengers film’s worldwide gross, Black Panther could still become the highest grossing Superhero Film of all time period.

With that in mind you have to wonder how this will affect Avengers: Infinity War. The film is in every way a direct follow up to Black Panther, with it not only being the next film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also being the next film to feature Black Panther, and the other characters from the film. There’s a decent chance that Black Panther could take the throne as the highest grossing Superhero film of all time, only to have that title taken away a week or two later by Infinity War. For now we’ll just have to wait and see.

If one thing can be taken from this, it’s that audiences are ready for change. We will go and see films starring black men and women. We will go to a film where about 90% of the cast is black. We will go to a film directed by a black man. And the fact that anyone involved in the film is black, be it on screen or behind the scenes, does not mean the film can’t be one of the best films of all time. Black Panther is amazing on every single level. And it has become king of the box office for good reason. Let’s hope this king continues to reign supreme, and that Hollywood has learned a lesson from this.

Also. Wakanda Forever.

One thought on “Black Panther Reigns Supreme At The Box Office”

  1. I’ve suspected America was ready for blacks in lead roles long before Hollywood realized it. An easy majority of people who are allowed to vote for the Oscars are white men over 65, and they have just as much influence over which movies are made in the first place.


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