SDCC 2017 Recap: Everything You Want/Need to Know (Part 1)

We’ve been working on compiling all the information out of Comic Con and it’s been a hell of an undertaking. To make it a bit easier we’ve decided to give you two HUGE posts with all the important info right here. (We’ve split it into two parts, with the first part consisting of all the stuff you may not have heard about. Part 2 will feature our full rundown of the Arrowverse shows, Gotham, The Walking Dead and a few other big players.)

ShadowhuntersshadowhuntersThe Freeform series based on the Mortal Instruments books brought most of the cast to

SDCC this year and revealed Sarah Hyland’s role as Seelie Queen. It was also announced that Alisha Wainwright who plays werewolf Maia has been bumped to series regular.




At the panel for the long running animated sitcom, executive producer Al Jean announced that the series landmark 600th episode would be the latest entry in the “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween episodes, beginning with a Hunger Games Parody. They also announced that Patton Oswalt, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Allison Janney, Matt Leinart and more would be guest starring. And implied that Kearns Goodwin would be in an episode featuring the titular family travelling to Boston.


The Strain

the strain

The FX show based on the Stephen King book is currently in it’s fourth and final season. During their panel they revealed that the flashbacks within the show will continue through the series finale. They also stated that fans shouldn’t hold their breath for any of the series stars to survive through the end of the season. There was also a question as to what was everyone’s favorite moment on the series, with many of the cast members saying that the gas station scene from the first season took the cake as a sort of moment of unity between the characters.


Fox’s upcoming half hour paranormal comedy show Ghosted debuted footage at SDCC as ghostedwell as a panel featuring the cast and creatives behind the show. They compared the show thematically to the original Ghostbusters film and similar properties which still had scares and horror type moments but featured plenty of jokes and lighthearted moments as well. It was also revealed that the show was developed around it’s stars Craig Robinson and Adam Scott from the beginning. While each episode will feature a monster of the week there will be some overarching narrative to the whole first season.

The Exorcist

Fox’s successful TV adaptation of the classic Horror film will continue this fall but witexorcisth a new story set in the Pacific Northwest. This time we’ll see Father Tomas and Father Marcus fighting off demons and paranormal entities haunting a foster home for at-risk kids which seems to appear out of the mist in the woods. The new season will bring in John Cho as the ex-child psychologist who runs the home. And Brianna Hildebrand as the latest victim of paranormal activity. They plan to go further then they were able to with some of the dark depths of horror this season, and also play into the haunted woods sub genre of the horror world.

Young Justice

The cult hit DC animated series Young Justice is returning for a third season Young Justice S3on DC’s new streaming service. The new season will include 26 full episodes and new characters such as Spoiler and Arrowette. There will be a continued focus on diversity on all levels within the team. The team will also continue to grow as new members come in and established members grow older and join the Justice League or branch out on their own. Black Lightning, Artemis, Superboy and Dick Grayson all have seemingly graduated from the younger team, as artwork showed them older and in stealth suits for a covert mission.


USA’s hit detective series which saw it’s series finale back in 2014 is returning for a Psychreunion film this December. The entire cast from the series, minus Timothy Omundson (who is recovering from a recent stroke) was on hand to present the first eight minutes of the upcoming film. The panel was moderated by Jimmi Simpson who portrayed the character Mary Lightly on the series and will be returning for the film. It was revealed that the film will take place three years after the finale with the whole crew now living and working in San Francisco where they take on a villain known as the Thin White Duke, who will be portrayed by Zachary Levi. Series creator Steve Franks who co-wrote the film with James Roday and directed the flick, said that he hopes to continue with the Psych film, hoping to make at least six.


With the release of the zombie virus at the end oizombief season 3, season 4 sees the city of Seattle walled off as it’s own Zombie-led city. Because of this Liv will be able to come out freely as a zombie. Robert Knepper will be returning as a series regular for the new season, reprising his role of Angus DeBeers. Liv will have a new love interest this upcoming season but it was not revealed who that may be. The new season will premiere in 2018.

The 100

During the panel for the fifth season of the CW show it was revealed that the show will the 100continue from the time jump that took place at the end of the fourth season. It was also revealed that the ship set to land on earth is a transport ship full of Earthlings sent out before the first apocalypse. There will be a lot of parallels to the beginning of the series with Clarke now being the groundling as a ship of humans lands on Earth. Despite the large time jump they did promise that we will see flashbacks to the previous 6 years which will show how each character got to where they are when the new season premieres in early of 2018.


Disney’s upcoming reboot of the hit series Ducktales premieres next month with an hour long film on August 12th followed by brand new episodes on September 23rd. But the cast Darkwingand crew let out some huge news concerning the upcoming show, Darkwing Duck will appear in the series as well as multiple characters from his classic series and the original Ducktales series. Magica De Spell, Megavolt and Quackerjack were some of the names announced but there’s sure to be more as time goes on. (Fingers crossed for a spinoff Darkwing Duck show!) David Tennant who portrays Scrooge McDuck on the show has helped the writers with some of the Scottish references his character makes, including “curse me kilts!” Tennant also commented on how much he loves the complexity of Scrooge, and how each episode seems to reveal more details of his complicated history.

Lego Ninjago

When WB announced they were releasing a movie based on the popular Lego toys no one expected it to be the box office smash that it would become. After that success WB Ninjagogreenlit a sequel to the Lego movie, a Lego Batman film (released this past February), and a feature length Lego Ninjago film based on their incredibly popular Ninjago series. The upcoming film stars Dave Franco, Justin Theroux, Jackie Chan, Olivis Munn, Kumail Nanjiani and Michael Pena, and follows Lloyd (Franco) and his fellow secret ninja warriors, led by Master Wu (Chan) as they work to take down the evil Garmadon, who just so happens to be Lloyd’s estranged father. During their panel at this year’s comic con it was revealed the film took some steps usually unseen when making an animated film. For one there were multiple scenes where they recorded the entire voice cast all together, as well as scenes between Theroux and Franco that were recorded together. Usually each cast member records alone, but especially in the case of Theroux and Franco, they wanted to use the quicker timing and banter between the actors in the film. Another aspect that was revolutionary to the animation world was the use of motion capture for the fighting scenes. They coordinated with Jackie Chan and his people to do some motion capture photography and then use that as the base for the fighting sequences between the lego ninjas. They also released a new trailer for the film which you can check out here. And be sure to catch the Lego Ninjago movie when it hits theatres September 22nd.

The Tick

Amazon will be entering the world of Superheroes this summer with the superhero The Ticksatire series The Tick, starring Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman and Jackie Earle Haley. Ahead of the show’s August 25th premiere on Amazon Prime, Amazon brought the second episode of the series to comic con along with a panel featuring some of the series’ stars. They revealed that the first six episodes will premiere in August with more being released at the beginning of 2018. They also commented on the fact that this is the perfect time for a revival of The Tick (which previously had a live action series on Fox in 2001 starring Patrick Warburton), given that the entire world knows more about superheroes and it’s become a bigger part of our culture. Some of the more well known characters from the live action series and animated series (which ran on fox from 94-97) won’t be included just yet due to rights issues. But the first season will feature The Tick, Arthur, The Terror, Dot, Miss Lint, Superian, Overkill and Ramses.


FXX’s hit animated Spy comedy has seen even more success in recent years by taking the Archerteam of spies and placing them in different times and locations. From Archer Vice to Archer Noir, the newest season will see the world’s greatest (and drunkest) spy heading to French Polynesia for a season entitled Archer: Danger Island. The new season will feature Archer as seaplane pilot, with Pam as his co-pilot, Lana as a Princess and Lucky Yates (Kreiger) voicing Archer’s parrot Crackers. No word on what roles the other regular cast will be playing this year, but it’s sure to be insanely ridiculous and hilarious. The new season hits FXX in 2018.

Once Upon A Time

ABC’s Fantasy epic Once upon A Time is hitting a soft reboot with this upcoming season
Oncebeginning with a time jump. Henry is much older now, and has a daughter he doesn’t remember. She will lead him on a journey to save his wife and her mother who is a new version of Cinderella. The story will no longer take place in Storybrooke, MN but instead Seattle, WA. It will feature the return of Gold, Hook and Regina in different roles for the new story book that’s being examined. They won’t be alternate universe iterations of the characters, just different from what came before. They also revealed that the new season will prominently feature an LGBT storyline, which isn’t too new for the show. The new season premieres October 6th on ABC.


CW’s hit Archie and Jughead adaptation Riverdale is set for a second season this fall, and it was announced at Comic Con that the new season would be longer (a full 22 episodes) Riverdaleand darker than the first season. Each of the four main cast members will continue to explore the darker depths of their characters, including the introduction of Tony Topez. Topez is a sort of female Jughead that may cause problems for the relationship between him and Betty. We’re also getting a lot more with Josie and the Pussycats including more musical numbers and more exploration on Josie’s relationship with her family. They also stated that Archie’s father’s fate will be revealed within the very first episode of the season which premieres on October 11th on the CW.

The Originals

With The Vampire Diaries all wrapped up this year, CW is finishing out the spinoff series The Originals with one final season this winter. At this year’s comic con it was revealed Originalsthat the show will pickup from the time jump at the end of season 4 with it being 10 years later. Freya is working to bring everyone back together, still putting family first, but also acknowledging that maybe she needs to focus on herself as well. Elijah’s amnesia may include him not remembering he’s a vampire. Rebekah and Marcel will be together in New York, but will somehow be brought back to New Orleans. The new season will feature all kinds of threats but the biggest battle is still the Mikaelsons dealing with the Hollow and their family all being brought back together.


The panel for CW’s long running and intensely popular series Supernatural, started off with a surprise performance of Carry On Wayward Son by the band Kansas. The two Supernaturalbiggest takeaways from the panel were the revelation that Castiel will be back in the new season, though how he would return remains a mystery. And that the spinoff series Wayward Sisters is happening. It will begin as a backdoor pilot in an episode of this upcoming season and will feature Sheriff Jody Mills, played by Kim Rhodes, as the leader of a group of women all orphaned due to some sort of supernatural tragedy. The cast will include fan favorite Sheriff Donna Hanscum, played by Briana Buckmaster, Kathryn Newton, Clark Backo and Katherine Ramdeen.

Check back tomorrow for all of the rest of our SDCC Recap including rundowns of The Walking Dead, Gotham, the entire CW Arrowverse and it’s sister series Black Lightning, Stranger Things, Ready Player One, and much more!