SDCC: AMC’s Preacher Trailer and Panel Recap

AMC’s hit comic book show Preacher came to Comic Con this year with a trailer for the rest of its second season, an introduction to a new villain and a panel featuring the cast and creative force behind the show. The panel began with a trailer which you can check out below.

The panel also included a clip featuring an introduction to the main human villain in the comic series, Herr Starr. Played by Pip Torrens. Starr is part of the organization called The Grail, which will be introduced in the next episode of the series. (That episode premiered last night on AMC) The clip showed the audition process for Starr as he competes with other applicants for The Grail, including some rather violent fights. Overall the character seems like a perfectly horrific and sadistic villain for this rather unconventional story.

The rest of the panel consisted of questions for series co-creator Seth Rogen and stars Preacher TrioDominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, Graham McTavish, Joseph Gilgun, Ian Colletti, Malcom Barrett and Julie Ann Emery. Rogen began by saying this whole series was a dream come true and joking that he’s glad to see we’ve declined as a society and that they can contribute to that decline. Rogen also stated that the first season had to move a little slow to bring uninitiated audiences into this world so that when (SPOILER) they killed off most of the cast, it helped ease the transition.

Cooper said that we would be getting more insight into his Character’s past, a past which helped him make sense of the darker side of the character that’s driven by his anger. Negga said that her character would be a path to realizing that she could never rekindle the past she had with Jesse. Gilgun commented on the fact that his character is on this path to redemption this season, with Rogen stating that the second half of the season would get rather vampire-y. McTavish said that his character will be driven by the purpose instilled within him from the love of his family, even with them gone that remains his driving force.

Be sure to check out Preacher each Monday night at 9pm on AMC.

Preacher poster

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