SDCC: Teen Titans Go! Panel

Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go! held a panel during this year’s San Diego Comic Con with Executive Producers Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath as well as cast members Scott Menville (Robin), Khary Payton (Cyborg) and Greg Cipes (Beast Boy). The panel began with the cast members singing songs from the show and went into discussion on upcoming episodes of the show.

One upcoming episode will be entirely in pig latin. They discussed that Cipes had some issues with the Pig Latin at times including one line that he could not get right for multiple takes. Payton said that when he came in to record for the episode Cipes was a mess, but stated at least he was “good at other things.” The episode was written by Jelenic and Horvath using a pig latin translator and includes a full monologue by Menville in the language.

They also talked about the casting of Weird Al Yankovic as Darkseid, saying that he Darkseid Go!doesn’t sound as threatening as one would expect because it’s Weird Al. They also explained during the Q&A portion of the Panel that the Darkseid episode features him capturing the entire Justice League. Because of this the Titans have to pretend to be the League, which includes Cyborg dressing as Green Lantern and supposedly manifesting the Golden Girls. (That may have been a joke.)

The rest of the panel mostly consisted of questions of kids in the audience including whether or not we’d see the Titans’ parents, if we’d see any super pets, and if Superman would appear on the show. There were some interesting comments on the state of Robin’s parents, and otherwise just a lot of jokes and lighthearted non confirming answers to many of the questions. The one Adult who was able to ask a question at the panel, asked how the cast went in and out of character so easily, something they did throughout the panel. Payton said he just raised his voice a bit higher than normal, Menville explained that sometimes it’s just one word that can help guide voice actors into the part and Cipes said it came out after seeing an image of the character and reading the description of who he was.

Teen Titans Go! Airs on Cartoon Network with the next episode hitting August 1st with special guest stars Fall Out Boy and Cee-Lo Green.

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