SDCC: Inhumans Panel and Trailer

Marvel brought it’s upcoming “event” TV series Inhumans to Comic-Con this year with a panel featuring the cast, and debuted a new trailer for the series which will premiere in IMAX theatres before being presented weekly on ABC. You can check out the new trailer below followed by our rundown of some of the most noteworthy aspects of the SDCC panel.

The panel was moderated by Marvel’s head of Television Jeph Loeb who stated that while the first two episodes will be presented in IMAX theatres, the broadcast on ABC will actually feature more footage/scenes than the Imax presentation. They also announced that Actress Ellen Woglom’s character would be a woman named Louise who is from Earth and supposedly doesn’t have any special powers, despite being exposed to the Terrigen Mist which alters human biology and thus give the Inhumans their powers. 

Iwan Rheon, who plays Maximus, explained in the panel that he feels that his characterIwan Rheon is more of an antagonist and less of an actual villain, mostly due to the fact that he’s looking better himself and his people. It’s not so much that he wants to destroy anything or anyone, it’s an issue of his ideas not being in line with his brother’s the king of the Inhumans, Black Bolt. He compared it to two different political ideals facing off against each other. Rheon also talked about nervousness in playing the character at first due to some similarities to his Game of Thrones character. Over time he realized that his character’s turmoil over his lack of powers and his only true connection to power being his family was what helped him feel as though he wasn’t just being typecast. He also stated that he feels as though the cost of the decisions that his character makes starts to wear on him, and sort of corrupt him in a very Shakespearean way which is what really helped to draw him into the character.

Issabelle Cornish who portrays Crystal who is the caretaker of the giant sized teleportingBulldog Lockjaw, talked about how at the end of her audition for the show she was asked to pretend that she was playing with some sort of creature with an enormous head. Saying that she ran around the room imagining she was playing in the space with a large dog or something of the like. When she was given the role and learned about Crystal’s relationship to Lockjaw she suddenly realized the point of that part of her audition.

Anson Mount who portrays the Inhuman king Black Bolt who’s power consists of a shockwave producing voice which could level an entire city. Anson MountMount talked about taking the role and how he viewed it as a sort of new challenge in the fact that he’d be playing a character that never spoke. Part of his process for creating the character was creating was working with linguistics experts and a sig language consultant that would help him create his own sort of sign language. Mount said that during his work with the ASL consultant his goal wasn’t as much to learn full ASL, but to learn the underlying rules of Sign Language which he could then apply to Black Bolt’s personal version.

Serinda Swan, plays the Inhuman Queen Medusa, who can control her hair in a way that it can be used as a sort of weapon. Swan talked about the sort of challenges of the role and the fact that she is the only person who can really communicate with Mount’s Black Bolt. She talked about the fact that as Black Bolt’s translator, sometimes Medusa would tweak his words to sort of instill her own opinion into the matter. She also talked about the intriguing aspect of playing scenes with Mount where they may be having a deep and serious discussion but she was the only one actually speaking, and how that was something different for her.

Eme IkwuakorEme Ikwuakor plays Gorgon, an Inhuman with super strength and legs of a Bull. He commented on the fact that Gorgon tends to act on impulse and how playing the character was really eye opening for him. He also mention that playing the character reminded him of how strong of a person he truly was. This led to the rest of the cast joking about how he would give the most intense hugs.  would she really enjoyed he also commented on the fact that it the whole experience reminded him of how strong of a person who holds to watch the rest of the cast joked about him giving the most intense hugs. Cornish also told a story about how she challenged Ikwuakor to do chest presses using her as the weight, thinking he would only be able to do one or two, only to be surprised when he kept going and only stopped around 34 or so reps.

Ken Leung, who portrays Karnak an Inhuman priest and philosopher, talked about the fact that his character was rather daunting role to play due to him being rather formidable physically, intellectually and spiritually. Admitting that he’s never had a role before like this where he’s had to sort of “catch the character” and that really pulled him into the role more and more as time went on. Leung then explain that him and Ikwuakor had been having a debate over what superpowers would be the best, with Ken stating that flying is probably the most desired as even when people say that they want another power they still want to fly. Ikwuakor then began to go into his side of the argument stating that super strength is the more superior super power as someone with super strength could force themselves into the air and then be able to land safely. Their banter continued with the entire cast laughing, slightly groaning, and commenting on the fact that this is been going on during the entire production of the show.

They also showed three clips of scenes from the show during the panel. The first clip showing Maximus and Black Bolt arguing about what action is right for the Inhumans to take on earth, which also showed Medusa translating for Black Bolt as he was signing. The second featured Gorgon and Karnak fighting Inhuman soldiers which had begun a coup on Maximus’ behalf, with Gorgon displaying his sort of brute force fighting style and Karnak using carefully calculated martial arts. The third and final clip showcased a heated confrontation between Maximus and Medusa, that included the latter wrapping her hair around Maximus’ throat. 

We’ll continue to keep you posted on everything concerning Inhumans as the show reaches it’s IMAX premiere on September 1st followed by it’s ABC premiere on September 29th.

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