SDCC: Noah Hawley is Bringing Doom To Theatres

At the end of the panel for FX’s X-Men TV show Legion, creator Noah Hawley ended the
panel was an announcement that he was developing a Doctor Doom film for Fox. Since then there’s been reports that Hawley plans to write and direct the film. Considering the lack of news, and no planned panels for Fox’s Fantastic Four and X-Men franchises at this year’s Comic-Con, this is a pretty big announcement.

First off let’s dive into Dr. Doom himself. The character has been FF Doomrepresented on film in two different iterations.  First portrayed by actor Julian McMahon in Director Tim Story’s Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. That series tried to go more light hearted and family friendly with the franchise and overall, wasn’t very well received. Within the films Doom wasn’t much of a fleshed out villain, and was mostly used as an angry metallic skinned foe with powers similar to Emperor Palpatine’s force lightning. The second version of the character was presented in Josh Trank’s 2015 reboot which was panned by critics and audiences alike. Once again Doom was presented as nothing more than a transformed scientist with shiny exterior and electric powers.

Many have wondered if Fox would make a sequel to the reboot in the hopes of rekindling FF Reboot Doominterest in the Fantastic Four or simply reboot the universe once more. Considering that it’s highly unlikely that Hawley’s doom will resemble anything like the Doom previously presented, the Trank Universe is probably dead. Doom has always been one of the most well-known and well loved villains in the Marvel universe and it will be nice to see an actual full presentation of the character beyond the shell of a character presented thus far. The other interesting aspect of this is the fact that Fox is willing to go with a film solely based on a villain. This follows in toe with Sony’s recent announcements on expanding their Spider-Man universe with a team up film starring Black Cat and Silver Sable as well as a Venom film starring Tom Hardy.

It’s becoming clear that Fox is becoming more willing to take leaps with their films. Deadpool was the first example of this, as a hard R action comedy with a property that wasn’t exactly a household name. That gamble paid off to the tune of $783 million. Fox’s desire to kind of expand the superhero genre was continued with the film Logan. Another hard R film which gave a proper send of to Hugh Jackman while also giving fans some major payoff after following the character on screen for 17 years. Fox is also currently filming New Mutants a spin off from the X-Men universe which they have described as a superhero/horror film. These three examples coupled with the news of the Dr. Doom film, show that Fox is willing to take some risks and expand the superhero genre past what it is commonly known for. In the end this might be a big pay off for Fox as many studios have gotten a lot of slack lately for most of the superhero films feeling like cookie cutter pieces within shared universes. With nothing really substantial separating one film from the next.

We’re still waiting to see if Fox releases any other information on their upcoming films Doom memeincluding Deadpool 2, New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. There still three days left of Comic Con with big panels today and tomorrow. As of now the best bet for Fox releasing any news whatsoever on the Fantastic Four and X-Men franchises is during the panel for their upcoming X-Men series Gifted which is been produced by Brian Singer and Simon Kinberg the latter of which produced the recent FF reboot and is directing Dark Phoenix. Keep following Poor Man’s Spoiler for more info on everything relating to the Doctor Doom film, the Fantastic Four franchise, X-Men films, and everything else possibly coming out of Comic-Con.

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